Who Needs a Breathalyser When a Urinal Can Tell How Drunk You Are?

Here's a brilliant idea that could prevent countless drunk driving-related deaths from occurring. Working with a marketing agency called DDB, Zouk, a popular nightclub in Singapore, installed a series of urinals that are able to monitor a patron's blood alcohol level and warn them if they're too drunk to drive. Read More >>

Would This New Urinal Design Make Men Wash Their Hands?

Here's a problem about guys: many of us don't wash our hands after using the toilet. It might be general grossness or everyman laziness or being too trusting your own hygiene or being too drunk or taking on a drive through mentality with a urinal but if you monitor a men's bathroom, you'll see many folks skip the sink. Read More >>

Pee Pro Urinal Target Turns Your Toilet Into a Carnival Game

The easiest way to get anyone to do anything is to make the task fun and enjoyable. And while it's sad that gents have to be coerced into properly using a urinal, the Pee Pro promises to promote accuracy by encouraging every user to be as on-target as possible. Read More >>


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