The US Built a Bizarre "Twitter for Cuba" to Help Undermine Castro

In one of the oddest reports of spy games we've heard in years, the AP has uncovered a United States plot to create a "Cuban Twitter" that would lure in users with football scores and music news before evolving its message into anti-Castro rhetoric. If any part of that made you say what, don't worry, that's a perfectly natural response. Read More >>

Julian Assange Probably Won't Get Done by the US for Publishing Secrets on Wikileaks

The US Justice Department has said it's unlikely to push charges against Julian Assange for publishing leaked documents, as the freedom of speech laws that protect journalists also happen to cover Assange's Wikileaks enterprise. Read More >>

Bitcoin Value Rockets as US Government Sort of Legitimises the Virtual Currency

The worth of a virtual Bitcoin has rocketed upward, after the US Senate suggested that it thinks such forms of internet money should be thought of as offering a "legitimate financial service" and that it should be happy doing business with such providers. Read More >>

Train Upskirt Photo Perv Claims Right to do so Under US Constitution

A Boston man who was rumbled using his phone to take photos up the dress of a lady on a train is claiming he has a right to do so under the country's First Amendment. Because she was in public and not wrapped in a duvet. Read More >>

Report: US Drone Strikes "May Constitute War Crimes"

The US government has long maintained that its drone strike programme, whilst tiptoeing very finely along the line of international legality, is still practical, efficient and morally OK. A new report from human rights organisation Amnesty International throws doubt on that, with rather shocking examples like a 68-year-old grandmother Hellfired into oblivion whilst out picking vegetables. Read More >>

Sony's Smartphone Ambitions Include Being the Third Biggest-Seller In Europe

Sony's new boss Kazuo Hirai has revealed that the tech giant has no plans to aggressively push its smartphones in the US or China, the two largest marketplaces for mobiles. He appears to be happy enough with just 2.2 per cent of the global market via a relatively decent performance in Europe and Japan. Read More >>

Mother and Daughter Scammed Bored Women out of £700k With Fake Army Hunk Dating Site

Karen Vasseur and her daughter Tracy tricked 374 US ladies into parting with around $1m, after setting up a fake dating site and pretending it was populated by single US service personnel. In fact, it was Karen and Tracy telling lies and begging for money. Read More >>

xbox one
US Retail Giant Suggests November 8th Launch for Xbox One

One of the few secrets left to be told about Xbox One may have been leaked by American supermarket chain Walmart, with an internal message about special events suggesting that teenage CoD fans might be queueing to buy their new consoles at midnight on November 8th. Read More >>

how to
How To Buy US-Only Gadgets From the UK

Although we all love our little island rock, electronics companies aren't quite so benevolent. A whole rash of new products -- Moto X, Google Chromecast and the fantastic Razer Blade laptop -- are only available for sale in the US, well and truly shafting us poor Brits. But, for a small fee, there's a way 'round the sticky problem. Read More >>

monster machines
The US Navy's Largest Chopper Is an Aerial Mine Hunter

Submerged mines were once the scourge of sea warfare, silently lurking in bays and channels to blow a hole in your hull. That's why the US military has developed a trident countermeasure, hunting for the underwater bombs from below the waves, along the surface, and from the air using the biggest bird in the Navy's arsenal, the MH-53E Sea Dragon. Read More >>

Apple is the Tax-Avoiding Bad Boy of America, Thanks to "Complex Web" of Offshore Accounts

While we're angry about Amazon, Starbucks, Google and more for appearing to dodge their UK tax responsibilities, US tax authorities have themselves an even bigger target, with Apple branded one of "America's largest tax avoiders." Read More >>

China Is Hacking America Again

Just three months after hacks by China’s People’s Liberation Army came to an abrupt halt, the country is once again attacking US targets reports the New York Times. Read More >>

The Chinese Army Is Hacking the United States From This Building

To no one's real surprise, the culprit behind all the hackings against the United States is the Chinese Army. Specifically, they're known as the 'Comment Crew' or 'Shanghai Group' (two rather non-intimidating names if you ask me) and they're in P.L.A. Unit 61398, a 12-story office tower located just outside of Shanghai. That little building is responsible for much of the cyber attacks against the US from China. Read More >>

McKinnon, the "Biggest Hacker of All Time", Walks Free at Last

It looks like the decade-long saga of Gary McKinnon, the British hacker who thoroughly pwned the Pentagon, is finally going to come to an end -- with him dancing off scot free. Read More >>

There's No Way I'd Get In This Low-Level Self-Flying Helicopter

Real pilots? Please. The US Army's so intent on cutting costs that they've developed a system that lets helicopters fly themselves. Would I ever get in one? Hell to the no. Read More >>

US 'Patriot Act' Lets American Authorities Rummage Through EU Cloud Data

American security laws could be used to override European privacy rules if data is held on international cloud servers, letting US agencies freely rifle through anything submitted to 'The Cloud'. Which is just about everything nowadays. Read More >>


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