USB Bed Risers Are Far More Useful Than Stolen Milk Crates

£18 worth of molded plastic and electronics is about to vastly improve your bedroom experience. This set of four risers from Bed Bath & Beyond not only boosts the height of your bed by eight inches, making you feel more important and increasing the amount of storage space you've got underneath. They also put a pair of power outlets and USB ports in easy reach so you can charge all of your electronic paraphernalia over night. Read More >>

Micro-USB: One Thing the EU's Got Right

It seems pretty fashionable to whine about the EU nowadays, but while it agricultural subsidies might need a little re-thinking, there's one thing it's done right for humanity: the forced adoption of micro-USB, the best thing to happen to smartphones in the last five years. Read More >>

Apple Patents Slimline Combined SD and USB Slot

Apple's been imagining the things of the future again, with a newly-discovered patent showing it has plans to combine USB and SD card slots to save yet more space on the Macs of tomorrow. Read More >>

MicroUSB Stick is the Answer to Phone/Tablet Transfer Woes

Tech company Leef heard you liked putting files on your USB stick, so it put a USB connector on your USB connector so you can transfer files via USB. Micro and standard USB connectors on the same device, in fact, so you can get stuff off your phone without using a cable and computer. Read More >>

The First USB 3.0 Flash Drive That's Small Enough To Lose

It was inevitable that USB 3 flash drives would eventually catch up to their USB 2 predecessors in terms of shedding excess weight, but it's still nice to see I-O Data introducing what could be the smallest USB 3 flash drive now on the market. Read More >>

USB Power Meter Tells You Which Devices Will Kill Your Laptop's Battery

When you're traveling and away from a reliable power source, conserving your laptop's battery is of the utmost importance. And knowing which of your USB accessories draws the most juice thanks to this simple £20 power meter—whether it's a wireless adapter, an external drive, or even your phone—will help you max out whatever battery life you've got left. Read More >>

xbox one
Xbox One Controller is Wired, Wireless, Never Turns Off and Kinect Can See it

As well as clarifying its next-generation software systems and always-on requirement, Microsoft's also taken time to give us a more thorough look at its Xbox One controller. There's only one version, and you can ditch the batteries completely if you can find a USB cable long enough to plug it in with. Read More >>

monster machines
How the US Army Fit a Suitcase-Sized Battery Charger into a Shoebox

Nothing's worse than a dead battery—except maybe if you run out of juice while on patrol in the backwoods of Afghanistan. But until now, US and British forces have had to lug around a huge and heavy charger. Not any more.A US Army research division has just shrunk a mobile charging station small enough for any soldier to carry on assignment. Read More >>

Turn Any Empty Bottle Into a USB-Powered LED Touch Lamp

Got £16.50, a desperate desire to re-use garbage, and questionable taste? With Satechi's new Touch USB LED lamp you can transform an empty soda bottle, wine bottle, even a water bottle into a warm desktop companion free of pesky switches. Read More >>

If This Iron Man Flash Drive Can't Protect Your Files, What Will?

If Tony Stark's fancy suit is good enough for taking down baddies like the Mandarin, surely at least part of his getup must be an effective way to secure your digital paraphernalia? Available in eight and sixteen gig capacities, these Iron Man severed hand flash drives include posable fingers, a glowing repulser in the palm, and they come in left and right hand versions forcing you to get both to complete the set. Read More >>

How Many of These Computer Ports (and Parts) Can You Name?

Think you're a bit of a computer ninja-geekmaster? Perk up when the conversation turns to your friend's borked computer, because you like showing off your incredible knowledge of BIOS flashing? Well, no matter, because I absolutely, totally guarantee that you will not be able to name all of the ports and interfaces here. Go on, I challenge you. Read More >>

You Could Probably Spend Your Entire Life On Starck's New Gadget-Friendly Sofa

Philippe Starck is known for designs that are as functional as they are beautiful. So it's not surprising that when it came to designing a sofa, the results would include everything from privacy dividers, to accessible power outlets, to even a Powermat wireless induction charging pad. There's probably a good reason it's called the My World, because as long as your gear is charged, what else do you really need? Read More >>

Charge Your Phone Up to 50 Per Cent Faster With Just a Free App

Charging your phone can be a right slow, pain in the arse, especially if it's a power hog. Wall chargers are always best, but when you just don't have one to hand, there's a free app that promises to pump more power out of your computer's USB port to charge your phone as quickly as a wall wart. Read More >>

Google Works Out How to Make Money From Android -- Charge £16 for a USB Cable

Google has launched a new range of official accessories to accompany the Nexus 4, although you'd be best off not bothering with its USB cable which costs a ludicrous £9.99 -- and an additional £5.99 in shipping costs. Madness. Read More >>

Scosche's CoverCharge Doubles the USB Ports On Your iPad Charger

If you travel with an iPad you really have no choice but to bring along its bulky wall wart for charging. But thanks to Scosche's new CoverCharge, you can now at least leave your phone's charging cube at home to save some space. Read More >>

McDonald's Adding Free, Wireless Electric Sauce to its Menu

If you're trusting enough to leave your £36-a-month smartphone resting on a table in McDonalds while you guzzle down some meat and bread, there's about to be a good reward for doing so -- free electricity from embedded tabletop wireless chargers. Read More >>


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