Sony: DRM on the PS4 Will Be Up to Manufacturers

Sony have confirmed to GameTrailers that DRM on the PS4 will be down to the game makers to decide: they don't want to "dictate", they just want to "give them a platform to publish on". And make a fair wodge of cash, of course. Read More >>

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Report: Microsoft Won't Charge a Used Game Fee on the Xbox One

There's been some fuss about how used games work on the Xbox One—do we have to pay a fee to Microsoft to play them? Is Microsoft killing used games dead? Supposedly, no. Polygon is reporting that the Xbox One will NOT require gamers to pay a fee to reactivate an Xbox One used game.
However, Polygon notes, there will still be "a regular online spot check" to verify the authenticity of the used game being played. Which is like basically requiring users to always have their Xbox One connected to the Internet (another big issue with gamers). Read More >>

The PS4 Won't Block Used Games After All

Despite the rumours, the PS4 won't block used games according to Sony's Worldwide Studio boss, Shuhei Yoshida, at least. He said "used games can play on PS4" after a direct question from Eurogamer. Phew. Your move Microsoft. [Eurogamer] Read More >>

Looks Like the Next-Gen Xbox Will Block Used Games Too

Just like Sony's rumoured to be looking into, a report from gaming mag Edge Online has it that Microsoft's going to require you to have a persistent internet connection on your next-gen Xbox to play games, just like some really crap PC DRM. It's also going to block you playing used games too. Thanks Microsoft. Read More >>


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