No, Apple, You Can't Trademark 'iPad Mini'

Apple might be famous for its ability to patent rounded corners and the letter 'i', but it looks like whole words are off-limits to it. The body that rules on patents in the US, the Patents and Trademarks Office, has finally got round to ruling on Apple's application to trademark 'iPad Mini', and they've put their foot down in a decidedly firm and anti-Apple way. Read More >>

Apple Has Trademarked the Design of its Stores

Yes, you are looking at a technical drawing of an Apple store. And yes, it does form part of an approved trademark request which means nobody can imitate Apple's temples to tech. Read More >>

Apple's Pinch to Zoom Patent Has Been Tentatively Invalidated

Even though Apple scored a big victory against Samsung inside the court, it looks like Apple is losing its stronghold on its patents. After tentatively invalidating the 'Steve Jobs Patent' on multitouch, the USPTO has invalidated Apple's 'pinch to zoom' patent. The 'pinch to zoom' patent was crucial in scoring a billion dollars off of Samsung. Read More >>

Twitter Is Trying to Patent "Pull to Refresh"

The Pull to Refresh action is a common gesture for mobile apps—used by the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Tweetbot, and Sparrow for a variety of commands. It may soon be a lot less common if the USPTO grants Twitter's patent request. Read More >>


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