Fortune Telling Chopsticks Predict Your Future but Not How Tasty Your Meal Will Be

It's the start of the Chinese New Year today (it's the Year of the Horse, for all you equestrian lovers out there), and to mark the occasion, Chinese restaurant chain Ping Pong has created a set of "Fortune Telling chopsticks". Read More >>

Could the Fork and Knife Chopsticks Be the Only Utensil You Ever Need?

There's an eternal battle going on in my head on what's the greatest utensil in the entire world. I flip with a fork but then flop to chopsticks. It's never settled. Different types of food require different utensils. If only there was one utensil to rule them all, if only I knew this fork and knife chopsticks existed. Read More >>

Would You Eat With These Bizarre Mouth-Massaging Utensils?

Silverware is boring. Always the same purely functional shapes. Glorified mouth-shovels. Bleh. These utensils designed by Jinhyun Jeon are intended to shake it up a bit. The bumps and weird-shapes are designed to try and stimulate the sense of touch, emulating all the best parts of synesthesia, which is admittedly a really cool disorder. Read More >>

A Self-Adjusting Measuring Spoon For Insanely Meticulous Chefs

Baking requires considerably more precision and attention to detail than simply cooking up a meal. If you don't follow a recipe exactly, your creation just won't turn out properly. So this self-measuring spoon will either appeal to bakers who are incredibly detail-oriented, incredibly obsessive, or incredibly inept in the kitchen. Read More >>

Protect Your Last Piece Of Sushi With Nunchaku Chopsticks

Restaurants can be a dangerous place if you're dining with a ravenous group of friends who are ready to steal a piece of food off your plate the second you're distracted. But now you can fight back, with these clever Nunchop Chopsticks which double as a miniature set of Nunchaku. Read More >>

This Whisk Should Be Standard Issue For An Astronaut's Kitchen

This adorably clever 'Whisked Off' kitchen utensil is the perfect accessory for any chef who grew up dreaming about exploring the cosmos, but eventually settled for a life spent creating out-of-this-world gastronomical treats here on Earth. Read More >>

Stylish Knife Block Lets You Safely Play Five Finger Fillet

We're not sure how many fingers have been lost after people watch Aliens and try to recreate Bishop's Five Finger Fillet stunt. But if you stick to only playing with this lovely knife block, you'll never have to worry about an emergency trip to the hospital. Read More >>

They've Finally Perfected the Ice Cream Scoop

This fine piece of gastronomical engineering could very well be the perfect ice cream scoop. And if you've ever battled to get ice cream out of a container with a more traditional looking scoop, you'll appreciate the extra thought that's gone into this one's design. Read More >>

Future-Forks Have Evolved Opposable Thumbs

Have you stopped and looked at your hand, and then a fork, and then your hand, and wondered why we only copied half of its design when creating utensils? In a way the tines on a fork work like the fingers on your hand, so why not include the thumb? Read More >>

Would You Use These Pointed Puppets to Spear Your Snacks?

A company by the name of Fred and Friends has come out with possibly the most pointless product of our time. Food Fingers—the "FingerPickin Cocktail Picks"—are multicoloured plastic caps the fit over your finger and end in a tiny three-pronged food spear. The seem almost like a good idea, for party platters and such, until you realise you'll still be eating with your slobbery hands, only they'll be hands covered in slobbery rainbow plastic. [CoolShitYouCanBuy via Book of Joe] Read More >>

The Chork Is the Beautifully Awful Lovechild of a Fork and Chopsticks That Will Prevent World War III

If you went back in time with all the knowledge you have now but none of the habits, what utensil would you invent to eat with? Is the fork, a tiny and instinctive spear, the ideal utensil? Or is the chopstick, a dexterous extension of your fingers, the winner? Which makes the most sense? Read More >>

This Camping Spork Will Come To the Rescue In Chopstick-Only Restaurants

The only thing more embarrassing than not knowing how to use a set of chopsticks is your secret being found out in a restaurant that doesn't provide an alternative. Which is where this emergency Kung Foon spork will be worth its weight in titanium. Read More >>

Even the Most Incompetent Chef On Earth Has No Need For a Stupid Banana Slicer

My immediate reaction of flying into a tirade against useless kitchen gadgets is probably going to end with me having a heart attack in Williams-Sonoma one day. But ridiculous crap like this Hutzler banana peeler needs to be called out. Read More >>

Clever Collapsing Whisk Won't Monopolise Drawer Space

I prefer a clutter free kitchen, which means everything has to be hidden away, including wire whisks which are notoriously selfish at hoarding drawer space. At least until I replace mine with Ding3000's brilliantly simple compact collapsing Beater. Read More >>

Modular Kitchen Tools Let You Finally Build the Perfect Spoontula

Like a kitchen-friendly version of Voltron that's come to help you with dinner, Enrico Azzimonti's Take It line of cooking cutlery come in unorthodox shapes that can be combined to further expand their functionality. Read More >>

Dear Culinary Inventors, We Don't Need Any More Half-Ass Kitchen Contraptions

If you think you've come up with the next great cooking invention, I highly recommend first taking a few months to actually learn how to cook. It will save the world from stupid creations like this Portion measuring spoon. Read More >>


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