Scientists Are Making a Vaccine for Alcoholism That Will Give You Terrible Hangovers

Though most borderline alcoholics don't need an anti-fun vaccine for alcoholism, those that drink a little too much could probably use the world's first vaccine for alcoholism. Made by Scientists in Chile, the vaccine "works" by screwing over people who drink. Seriously, once you pump yourself with the juice, you'll experience the worst hangover of your life. Read More >>

Soon, Your Vaccinations Will Be Arriving Via Email

Craig Venter, the über-DNA jockey who quietly sequenced the human genome using his own DNA, then made "synthetic life" by outfitting a gutted bacterium with homemade genes, says his next trick will be emailing biological molecules, using 3D biological printers. The move that could revolutionise healthcare - and biological warfare. Read More >>

Microsoft Using Spam-Killing Skills to Tackle HIV

Who knew that having to deal with the scourge of spam could have positive benefits for the rest of humanity. Microsoft is turning learned spam-quashing techniques to the fight against HIV, and has partnered with the Ragon Institute to help them with their HIV-vaccine efforts. Read More >>

Scientist Create the Definitive Flu Killer

University of Texas Southwestern's scientists have created a new flu vaccine that can protect us against any kind of flu, not just one type. Unlike the current type of vaccines, this can even protect us if the virus mutates. Read More >>


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