Bad News: E-Cigs Alter Cells a Lot Like Tobacco Does

A new cancer study brings more bad news to the e-cigarette industry. Scientists exposed human bronchial cells to e-cig vapour and found that it altered the cells in a way not dissimilar to tobacco. In other words, that delicious, seemingly risk-free nicotine vapour might not be so benign, after all. Read More >>

E-Cigarette Plugged Into iPad Charger Explodes in Front of Bartender

According to the report and video from the York Press, bartender Laura Baty was showered in flames when her co-worker's e-cigarette blew up all over her. The e-cig had been had been plugged into an iPad charger—presumably the butt of an iPad charger, unless they're making e-cig batteries which lightning connectors these days (they're not). Scary. Luckily, nobody was seriously injured in the incident. Read More >>

E-Cigarette Nicotine Juice is Poisoning Children

E-cigarettes are controversial these days, following public vaping bans in the US's three biggest cities. Things over here aren't much different, with e-cigarettes being banned in certain train stations. The issue? We don't know yet if they're bad for you or not. But one thing that's definitely, indisputably bad for you: Drinking e-cigarette juice. Read More >>

EU Bans Menthol Cigarettes, But Leaves the Door Open for an E-Cig Future

The EU has voted through new laws on smoking, which will see the menthol variety banned from sale. There's good news for fans of e-cigarettes, though, as they've escaped with little more than a tightening on advertising guidelines. Read More >>

The Best E-Cigarette

If you're looking to give up smoking, and the usual nicotine replacement therapies just aren't cutting it, electric cigarettes could be the answer you're looking for. E-cigarettes generate a nicotine-enriched vapour that isn't covered by the smoking act, which is why they've been spotted more and more frequently in the wild -- in bars, bookshops, cafes and even causing a stir on a Megabus. Read More >>


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