The Most Advanced Fake Meat in the World Is Still Gross

I've never understood the desire of some vegetarians to make their food resemble meat; it's creepy and seems to contradict their love of vegetables. Sadly, the practice shows now sign of stopping so, with some reluctance, I present to you the most advanced fake meat in the world. Read More >>

Famous Explosions Recreated Using Cauliflower

It takes a very certain mind to re-imagine images using quirky media. Artist Brock Davis has that kind of mind: his latest project involves recreating famous explosions using... cauliflower? Read More >>

Genius Fruit Label Turns into Soap When Wet

I want to buy and wash a bushel of apples just to show everyone how ingenious this is. Instead of peeling off the produce label and wondering if you're supposed to use soap to wash off your carefully chosen produce items, you can kill two birds with one dissolving-label stone. Read More >>


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