Watch the Visual Effects Reel Behind Pacific Rim's Awesome Prologue

If you watched Pacific Rim, you'd know how incredible the giant mechs looked and how unforgettably beautiful the prologue that provided the backstory for the movie was. And though ILM did most of the VFX in the film, Guillermo del Toro's Mirada studio was the team responsible for the effects in the prologue. Here's how they created that magnificent world. Yeah, let's watch the movie again. [Mirada Studios] Read More >>

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The Visual Effects Behind Iron Man's HUD in Iron Man 3

Iron Man's HUD has always been one of the cooler details in any sci-fi movie. The way it pops up, the way it shields the face, the way it works — it's fantastically unreal and yet completely believable. And the beauty is in its impressive details. Read More >>

What Movies Look Like Before Special Effects

New tumblr alert: Before VFX. It's a revealing collection of pictures that show what movies look like before any sort of visual effects are added. Which basically means it makes every movie, even Oscar-worthy movies, look completely ridiculous. The magic of the movies! Read More >>

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VFX: Add Movie-Style Special Effects to Your iPhone Pics

"And here I am on an African safari, defending my camp from a pack of lions with my trident in the middle of a lightning storm." None of that really happened, but you can make believe it did with VFX, an app that lets you add tonnes of special effects to your photos. Read More >>


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