Go Deep Inside This Vibrator Factory

For all the mystique surrounding the female orgasm, vibrators are a surefire way for lots of ladies to get their kicks. I recently took a tour of Crave, a sex toy company that prototypes and fabricates its products in San Francisco. Here's a peek inside. Read More >>

This Toothbrush is a Vibrator You Stick in Your Mouth

Swedish company Foreo's got a silicon toothbrush called Issa. It vibrates like your Sonicare, and comes in woozy pastel colors. Let's not kid ourselves: this is a sex toy disguised as a dental revolution. Read More >>

Would You Slide Your Manhood Inside the Pulse "Guybrator" Sex Toy?

For any bloke who has ever surfed YouPorn while setting his phone to vibrate underneath his dick (it's a thing, seriously), your hairy palms should be reaching for your credit cards right now. Introducing Pulse, the world's first "guybrator". Read More >>

Vibrating Bike Seat Makes For a Sexy and Highly Dangerous Commute

Holier-than-thou bicycle enthusiasts have been touting the benefits of their cleaner, healthier method of transportation for ages. But thanks to the UK's leading website for lascivious adult pleasures, the act of bicycle riding is about to get a whole lot less — well, holy. That's right, SexShop365 is proud to present the newest innovation in vibrating bicycle seats: the Happy Ride. Read More >>

Vocal Coach Uses Sex Toys to Fix Singers' Voices

This makes sense in a way that makes absolutely no sense. David Ley, a University of Alberta drama professor and vocal coach, figured out that one especially effective and not at all lecherous way to sooth a lost voice is... a vibrator. Read More >>

Trojan Is Handing Out Free Vibrators Again — This Time to All the Nerds at CES

Maybe you heard Trojan was handing out free vibrators in New York this summer, and Washington DC this Autumn? It was a really popular giveaway. The next step, it seems is giving tech nerds some tools for love. Read More >>

This Slingshot Cannon Shoots Vibrators Like the Little Golden Bullets They Are

They look like golden bullets, sure, but I don't care what kind of sexual deviant you are; you probably shouldn't be on the receiving end of a gun that fires vibrators. Nonetheless, Joerg Sprave has built one—caving to watcher's demands—and dubbed it the "Launcher of Love," which is suggestive in its own right. Read More >>

Diablo III Gets Women Off, While Men Play with Themselves

Absoloo, the French e-retailer of XXX items, has come out with a generous offer to accompany the recent release of Blizzard Entertainment's fantasy game Diablo III. Read More >>

Burglars Swipe £11,000 Worth of Raunchy Sex Toys

A mail order company is feeling the opposite of complete ecstasy after finding out that more than 400 of their raunchy items, worth £11,000, were stolen after robbers penetrated their property in Worcestershire. Read More >>

The Bizarre History of the Vibrator: From Cleopatra's Angry Bees to Steam-Powered Dildos

Did you know that the first vibrator in history may have been invented by Egyptian Queen Cleopatra? Apparently, she had the idea to fill a hollow gourd with angry bees. The violent buzzing caused the gourd to vibrate and then... well, then, the rest is history. Read More >>

These Asspensive Sex Toys Cost More Than the Priceless Feeling They'll Give You

Though the pleasure you receive from using a sex toy is typically priceless, some sex toys are so ridiculously expensive it can't be worth it. Like £2,100 for a Unicorn Butt Plug or £8,300 for a vibrator? Yeesh. Read More >>

The Little Rooster Wakes Ladies With A "Cock"-A-Doodle-Doo

It's an alarm clock! It's a vibrator! It's Both! Read More >>

Banish Under-Eye Bags With a Vibrator?

Eye bags. No one likes them. And no one gets enough sleep. So everyone has them. Read More >>


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