Android GTA Vice City Pulled Due to a "Technical Issue"

Rockstar Games is pretending it didn't launch GTA Vice City on Android yesterday, despite the fact plenty of people saw it, failed to download it, and left the game stacks of scathing one-star reviews as a result of it not installing correctly. Read More >>

GTA Vice City Out Now on Android and iOS

Rockstar Games has wound back the clock a few years and reinvigorated GTA Vice City for a new generation (or the same crowd just now a bit older), with the legendary crime game now available on Android and iOS. Read More >>

Yep, GTA: Vice City Is Going to be Epic on Android and iPhone

Rockstar's just released some screens from its port of GTA: Vice City for the iPhone and Android, and yep, it looks just as awesome as I remember. In fact, it's actually better than we remember, because Rockstar's given it a makeover. Read More >>

GTA Vice City Coming to Android and iOS on December 6th

The game that really established the GTA series as a Triple-A blockbuster and had kids queuing down the street for it 10 years ago will soon hit today's smartphones, with GTA Vice City 10th Anniversary Edition arriving on Android and iOS in a couple of weeks. Read More >>

GTA Vice City Coming to iOS and Android in a Few Weeks

The legendary GTA III sequel will soon be playable on your phone, with famed developer Rockstar announcing plans to launch a mobile version of enormous crime game GTA Vice City later this year. Read More >>


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