New Vodafone Yoda ad for Everyone to HATE

Here's a good thing for us all to come together and simultaneously hate; another awful Vodafone Yoda ad, this time focusing on the network's newly launched 4G service. If we all hate it enough, together, maybe it will only be on television in every other advert break? Read More >>

US State Plans "Revenge Porn" Internet Ban

As well as being morally extremely dubious, it might soon be actually illegal to post "revenge porn" photos of ex-partners on the internet in parts of the US, with one state said to be planning to criminalise the act of posting rude photos of someone without their permission. Read More >>

Mullet-Wearing Julian Assange Sings the Classics

If you're done watching videos of Miley Cyrus, try this one. It's even more obscene and horrifying. It's Julian Assange singing, in a funny costume, trying to impress Australian voters with his sense of humour and vocal skills. Read More >>

Now You Can Livestream on YouTube Without Being a Queen Bee

The internet is a constant popularity contest, and everyone is trying to collect followers, friends, shares, likes, hearts, views, +1s etc. You know the soul-crushing drill. But YouTube wants to change the conversation. They've lowered the bar so you only need 100 or more subscribers to be able to livestream. Read More >>

Thousands of Images of Saturn Make For One Amazing Stop Motion Film

It took two decades of brilliant engineering to get the Cassini probe to Saturn, and the images this little 'bot has sent back are the stuff of science fiction. But in the hands of filmmaker Fabio di Donato, they look more like a silent film from the 1920s. Read More >>

Don't Forget to be Awesome

In an era of rehashed and reheated content which plays to the lowest common denominator, I wanted to take a moment to salute some people who do the exact opposite. Don't get me wrong, I bloody love a good cat video and certainly don't have nearly enough time to trawl the likes of Reddit for the hidden gems, but there isn't much depth to that, and frankly there's only a finite amount of cat-shaming possible. Read More >>

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Here's a Scary Lightning Strike Exploding Some Power Lines

Remember how your mum/dad/legal guardian/leader of your gang of street urchins used to tell you not to stand near telephone poles in a storm? Yeah, there was a reason for that. And as you can see in the video above, that reason goes "boom." Followed by lots and lots of fire. Read More >>

Inside YouTube's Master Plan to Kill Lag Dead

There is a moment between when you click on a video and when it starts playing. That moment is the worst part of your day. The agony of waiting! The torture of anticipation! YouTube understands that, and on a visit to YouTube HQ in San Bruno, CA, we got a look at what's coming to make that awful moment pass before you know it happened. Read More >>

YouTube Lets You Create Slow-Motion Videos Now

YouTube has added a feature that lets you make any video into a slow-mo video. Because everything is more awesome in slow-mo, obviously. Read More >>

What's the One YouTube Video You Think Everyone Should Be Required To Watch?

If you had the chance to decree that everyone—everyone—would have to watch one YouTube video all the way through and pay attention the entire time, what would it be? It could be something important, historic, funny, dumb, or just something that no one else seems to like nearly as much as you do and you desperately want to force everyone else to see it in the hope that somebody, anybody, gets it the way you do. Read More >>

Get a Speeding Bullet Eye's View of Anywhere in the World With a Street View Hyperlapse Maker

If you have Google Chrome, a decent internet connection, and a strong stomach, cancel any meetings you might have had today. Because chances are you're not going to want to tear yourself away from Teehan+Lax's incredible new tool: a Google Street View hyperlapse machine. Read More >>

Harlem Shake on a Plane Could Put Lives at Risk

An admittedly rather impressive shot at getting an entire plane load of passengers doing the Harlem Shake dancing meme has ended in trouble for all involved, with US aviation experts claiming the Frontier Flight 157 could've been put at risk by having so many idiots bouncing around inside. Read More >>

augmented reality
Finally, a Proper Use For AR -- Porn

Men's "entertainment" magazine Playboy is trialing augmented reality features using popular AR tool Layar to handle the embedded business, with silicone enthusiasts now able to engage with their tawdry purchase better than ever. Read More >>

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What Happens When a 900MPH Ping Pong Serve Hits Your Paddle

There's no shortage of plans online for building a simple ping pong cannon that can fire balls at hundreds of miles per hour. But you're probably not going to find the details of Purdue University Professor Mark French's cannon, since his creation can accelerate a ping pong ball to 900 miles per hour, or just over Mach 1.2. Read More >>

Creep On Strangers' Lives Six Seconds at a Time With Vinepeek

Some people are out there using Vine for pretty dumb things. Thankfully, others are capturing interesting six-second snippets from their actually-interesting lives. And you can creep on all of them, one after the other, in a constant fire-hose of anonymous, random video with Vinepeek. Read More >>

How to Weaponise the World's Most Useful Tool: Duct Tape

Taking a small break from expanding his insane rubber band-based arsenal, slingshot master Joerg Sprave turns his attention to re-engineering duct tape, and other random accessories, into a trio of improvised weapons. Read More >>


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