These are the Six Best Vines of the Year

Not even a year-and-a-half old, Vines are enjoying their very own category in the Tribeca Film Festival for the second year in a row. Even though last year's winners were pretty incredible in their own right, this year's take it to a whole other level. Apparently, an extra year of six-second shooting practice does a Vine good. Read More >>

Watch Eight BASE Jumps From Eight Pieces of Famous Architecture

Do you like modern architecture? What about stomach-churningly scary videos of people hurling themselves off tall things? Well, you're in luck: After four people were arrested for BASE jumping off of One World Trade last month, we took a look at other jumps from famous buildings. Read More >>

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Supercut of Heroes Getting Geared Up Will Make You Want to Kick Ass

Before confronting great adversity, your favourite film hero has to prepare him or herself mentally, physically, and with massive weaponry. That's the delightfully simple premise of this supercut, which collects some of the best gearing up moments from film. Read More >>

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This Fevered Dream is Enough to Give You Night Terrors

Blending live footage of a snow-enshrouded NYC with CGI animation over a frenetic soundtrack by Pilotpriest, The Dream by filmmaker Christian Haberkern tears through a frantic, nonsecquitor vision of subconscious distress. But what does it mean? Read More >>

Home Office Has "Super Flagger" Status to Order Mass Removal of YouTube Clips

Google has granted the Home Office special powers when it comes to having questionable YouTube content flagged up for removal, with the government able to request masses of clips are pulled on a large scale basis instead of fingering individual clips. Read More >>

Watching Planes Land From Space is Like a Video Game Brought to Life

Ever wanted to watch the world—in real-time HD—from space? Well prepare to experience what it'd be like if the world was your very own video game and check out a few planes landing at the Bejiing airport. It'll be the coolest planespotting you've ever done. Read More >>

Woman Rides Horse into Tesco as Neknominate Trend Hits the Mainstream

The dumb neknominate trend continues to spread across the planet like an unwanted idiot-zombie invasion, with a woman from Bishop Auckland managing to out-do her local clown competition by riding a horse into Tesco to impress internet drunks. She only necked a Pepsi, though, so wasn't drink-riding. Read More >>

Fire, Punching, Toilets and Bikes all Part of "Neknominate" Binge Drinking Trend

Unruly boozers from Australian and New Zealand have launched an exciting new way to get too drunk too quick, with the concept of "neknominating" mates to drink in weird ways and filming the results appearing to catch on. Read More >>

Who the Heck Makes the Fireplace Videos on Netflix?

If you're hosting a Christmas-themed gathering of some kind this year, there's a chance you're going to play Netflix's "Fireplace For Your Home" on your television in the background. Why will you do this? It's hopelessly tacky. And yet, it will feel totally right; a bit like eating fruitcake and decorating with tinsel. But who the hell makes these videos in the first place? Read More >>

Netflix Is Doing Streaming Tests With 4K Video

Everything from ads to porn is getting the 4K treatment lately, and now Netflix is experimenting with it too. This week the company posted six 4K videos at various frames per second rates to test their streaming performance. They're all standard Netflix stock footage called "El Fuente." Read More >>

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Thankfully This Kid's Plastic Trike Motorway Drive Didn't Go Full Road Rash

An eight-year-old adrenaline junky was filmed riding his plastic three-wheeler down a busy motorway, as cars swerved to avoid the joyriding youngster. Read More >>

Five of the Best GTA V Raps, Musicals and Parodies

The above embedded video is the work of Dan Bull, the British rapper and gamer who's never short of an amusing rhythmical commentary on the latest video game releases. It's very clever and also neatly provides a summary of GTA V's back story. There are plenty more musical GTA-inspired gems out there, too... Read More >>

Facebook Testing Video Auto-Play to Save You Having to Press a Thing

Facebook's announced a plan to change the way videos work on its news feeds, with clips soon to start automatically playing should you linger on them while scrolling past. Think of the incredibly minor amounts of inconvenience that will avoid. Read More >>

Arcade Fire Pulls the Bizarre Interactive Chrome Video Stunt Again

This image is taken from an arty internet thing called Just a Reflektor, a new, animated browser film experiment from the Arcade Fire people, produced by web video tech specialist Vincent Morisset. Read More >>

New Vodafone Yoda ad for Everyone to HATE

Here's a good thing for us all to come together and simultaneously hate; another awful Vodafone Yoda ad, this time focusing on the network's newly launched 4G service. If we all hate it enough, together, maybe it will only be on television in every other advert break? Read More >>


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