These are the Six Best Vines of the Year

Not even a year-and-a-half old, Vines are enjoying their very own category in the Tribeca Film Festival for the second year in a row. Even though last year's winners were pretty incredible in their own right, this year's take it to a whole other level. Apparently, an extra year of six-second shooting practice does a Vine good. Read More >>

Vine Gets Direct Messaging

Almost six month's after Instagram led the march in direct messages, Vine is now catching up with its own private video messaging service—the biggest update the app has seen yet. Read More >>

Porn Has Been Banished from Vine

So what's too naughty for Vine? Let's take a look at Twitter's (and thus, Vine's) definition of "explicit sexual content." Artistic, documentary, or non-provocative nudity? Sure! Sex acts, close-ups of genitalia, or "nudity in a context or setting that is sexually provocative (like a strip club)"? You're outta luck. Read More >>

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You've Got to Watch the Most Popular Vine Compilation of all Time

Yesterday might've been the birthday of some computer, but it was also the first birthday of everyone's favorite  six second stupid, funny, stupid-funny video sharing service, Vine. To celebrate, we found the most ridiculously popular Vine compilation ever to supplement Vine's own official roundup: this 45 million view behemoth. You just can't not watch the whole thing. Read More >>

You Can Officially Browse Your Vine Feed on the Web

Up until now, you've been stuck scrolling through your Vine timeline while hunched over a tiny smartphone screen. Today, though, Twitter's video service has officially unveiled a fully functional browser version along with a brand new, spiffy, full screen TV Mode. Read More >>

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I Never Want This Best Vines of 2013 Compilation Video to End

Picking a favourite Vine is like picking a favourite hilarious, non sequitur grain of sand from an endless beach of weirdness. Fortunately, some blessed soul has stitched together hundreds of six-second masterpieces for your near-endless amusement. Read More >>

Windows Phone Folks Can Finally Get In on the Looping Vine Fun

This goes out to the Windows Phone users who've been envious of their iPhone- and Android-using peer's ability to snap six-second video loops. Today, Vine comes to the Windows Phone. Yay. Read More >>

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Here's the First Short Film Made Entirely from Vines

You could say that every Vine is a six second short film but Airbnb stitched together a hundred Vines to tell one story. Yes, there are some jump cuts and stop motion involved. Yes, there is an inspirational soundtrack. And yes, it's actually pretty good. Read More >>

Man Vines the Life out of GTA V, so Microsoft Bans Him from Xbox Live

A public-spirited man with early access to GTA V has been recording stacks of clips of the game and uploading them to video sharing portal Vine, although he's earned himself a ban from Microsoft's Xbox Live service for his efforts. Read More >>

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This Vine Magic Mirror Is Pure Witchcraft (How the Hell Does He Do This?)

I have no idea how this chap pulled off this magic trick, even after watching it about 50 times, but unless he's used some sort of CGI or pre-upload doctoring to do it, how on Earth does the kid magically appear and then disappear in the shirt? This is what Vine was made for. Amazing. Read More >>

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I Never Want to Stop Watching This Incredible Vine Compilation Video

Some blessed, benevolent soul who we only know by his YouTube user name, Eric S, has gone and created what will undoubtedly be the best 11 minutes and 38 seconds of your day, a compilation video of the best Vines 2013 so far. And you're going to wish it never had to end. Read More >>

Mario Recreated With Food Is a Vine We Can All Get Behind

Vine's kind of been overshadowed by Instragram video of late, but there are still some absolute gems out there. This one's a particularly tasty Mario-food mashup. Seven seconds, well, fourteen because it's a two-parter, of playing with food not even your Mum could tell you off for. Read More >>

Video on Instagram: Facebook's New Vine-Like Video Sharing (Updating)

You're about to be able to cloak short video clips in vintage filters. Facebook just added video to Instagram, similar to Twitter's Vine app, only smarter. It has many more features than Vine—it looks like video sharing done right. Read More >>

WSJ: Facebook Will Announce Ambiguous Vine-Like Video Sharing Today

The WSJ is the latest publication to report unnamed sources claiming that today's Facebook announcement will be all about video sharing. Now it looks like the service will be separate from Instagram? Or is that an omission? Read More >>


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