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The Control Room of a German Submarine from 1918

Taken in November of 1918, these two photos show the inside of the UB-110 German submarine. The valves were used to control the submarine and the reverse image is of four torpedo tubes used against a merchant ship in July 1918. Soon after the attack the submarine sunk and later was salvaged, but scrapped. Read More >>

12 Classic Cameras That Look Nothing Like Cameras

The advent of digital photography has transformed how we view the world around us. The breadth and scope of our image capture devices has exploded. But not even the most ingenious action cam can compare to the sheer audacity of these awesome rigs collected by our friends at Ooobject. Read More >>

Vintage Packaging of Famous Products Makes Me Want to Live in Yesterday

We just went to CES and saw a lot of the gadgets we'll be playing with in the future. But it didn't make me as excited as seeing all of these old products with vintage packaging. I wish every product could go back to its vintage packaging. Read More >>

Impossible Looks to Do the Impossible and Turn Your Phone Snaps into Real, Instant Photos

Alright, you might have turned your Instagram shots into an arty iPad case, or even had them made into chocolates, but have you ever wanted to grab your phone camera snaps and instantly turn them into real analogue photos? The folks at Impossible look to do that with their snazzy Instant Lab, that takes your digital photos and turns them into real instant analogue prints. Ya-huh! Read More >>

Severe Cold War Cameras Make Funky Modern Lamps

These days, camera talk is all Canon-Nikon-Sony, but during the Cold War Zenit and Praktica ruled the lightwaves in Russia and East Germany respectively. These repurposed vintage models pay homage to that history while brightening up a dark corner in your living room. Read More >>

Vintage Swiss Army Torches Look As Good As the Day They Were Never Used

It's dim, it gets hot, and it will probably chew through batteries faster than an electric car. But damned if this vintage Swiss Army torch dating back to the '50s and '60s isn't a lovely piece of hardware. Read More >>

The Instagram for Android Signup Page Is Live

Android users: are you tired of your iPhone toting friends using Instagram as their go-to "You don't have this app on Android so nany-nany poo-poo" argument? Read More >>

Can You Find the Hidden Mothers in These Old Photographs?

Back in the olden days of photography, big box cameras had slow-as-snails shutters, so it was nearly impossible to get kids to sit still for the duration of the long exposure. If they moved, the pictures would be blurry! So what was the old photog solution? Why let's have their mothers hide under blankets and blend into the background to comfort the kid! Read More >>

Vintage Camera Pillows Let You Rest Your Head On Defunct Technology

Digital cameras now dominate the market, but there's still a place for the art and aesthetics of film cameras. Even if they're only used as a source of inspiration for a set of retroriffic throw pillows. Read More >>


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