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How Many of These Viral YouTube Videos Did You Watch?

For YouTube's comedy week, Dane Boe created this music video 'We Didn't Star the Viral' (riffing off Billy Joel's We Didn't Star the Fire) that recaps pretty much all the viral videos that became infamous on YouTube over the last 8 years. You know the usual suspects: Keyboard cat, Star Wars kid, evolution of dance, Charlie bit my finger and oh so much more. Can you recognise them all? Did you watch them all? [Dane Boe via Neatorama] Read More >>

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Here Are the Best Viral Videos of 2012

If you want to get a quick handle on what videos went viral this year, Videogum has put together their 5th annual montage of the best viral videos of the year. There are over 80 videos spliced together, from Ashton Kutcher's dumb dating commercial to Zooey Deschanel's silly (but so adorbz!, ha) iPhone commercial to DMX's first encounter with Google and more. Read More >>

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The American Armed Forces Have Run Out of Shit To Kill

What do you do during a time of looming military budget cuts, war drawdown, and the ascension of robotic warfare? Make stupid viral video meme parodies, of course. Your. Tax. Dollars. At. Work. Read More >>

PSYs All-Round as Everything Imaginable Gets Gangnam-Styled

As parodies spawned from PSY's megahit continue to dominate the viral videosphere, help is on hand to keep you updated with all the 'Gangnamania'. Here's a quick selection of the best, most bizarre and mind-bendingly bonkers on offer. Read More >>

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The Inevitable Downfall Vs. Gangnam Style Mash-Up Will Have You Cubicle-Dancing All Day

The internet really is amazing isn't it; you always know that your next source of musical merriment is right around the corner. As if PSY's original K-Pop sensation 'Gangnam Style' wasn't entertaining enough, there's now a remix that combines it with one of the most unlikely collaborators imaginable: Downfall. Actually, scratch that -- this IS the internet we're talking about here. Read More >>

Kony 2012 Is the "Most Viral" Video of All Time

Kony 2012 was unleashed on the internet just six days ago, and it has already been viewed more than 100 million times. By some accounts that makes it the most rapidly spreading video ever, beating out the likes of Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Rebecca Black, Beyoncé, and Miley Cyrus. Read More >>

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I Don't Care If This Viral Video Is an Ad For LG's OLED TVs; It's Bloody Hilarious

You didn't really think a thief could walk out of an electronics store carrying a 55-inch OLED TV without getting caught, could you? Nicely played LG, nicely played. [Simply Zesty via @Pompeymeado] Read More >>

About that One Time We Turned a Rapping Windows Phone 7 Fangirl Into a Hated Internet Personality...

The Rapping Windows Phone 7 Fangirls were just a pack of ad women in search of some attention? Not surprising, I suppose. Though hearing the main, um, emcee's side of the story as the focal point of commenter rage is interesting, to say the least. Read More >>


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