What a 30,000-Year-Old Giant Zombie Virus Means for the Future

A monster virus comes back from ancient times to wreak havoc on mankind. That may sound like a blurb from a science fiction novel, but as scientists have known for some time, it's not at all impossible. And thanks to the recent revival of a 30,000-year-old giant virus in Siberia, there's increasing concern that it might describe our future. Read More >>

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Here Are the Best Viral Videos of 2012

If you want to get a quick handle on what videos went viral this year, Videogum has put together their 5th annual montage of the best viral videos of the year. There are over 80 videos spliced together, from Ashton Kutcher's dumb dating commercial to Zooey Deschanel's silly (but so adorbz!, ha) iPhone commercial to DMX's first encounter with Google and more. Read More >>

The Story Behind the Internet's Most Popular Photo

This photo, along with the simple caption "Four more years" became the most tweeted and most-liked-on-Facebook photograph ever, and it did so with incredible speed. We thought you'd like to hear the story behind it. It's probably not what you imagined. To get the scoop, we went straight to the woman who snapped the photo herself. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Scout Tufankjian. Read More >>

The Surest Way to a Viral Hit: Professional Clicking

Need a viral smash? No point leaving it to chance. Just get Buyral on case. Their team of expert clickers will get your views up in no time; whether or not anyone actually sees it is another matter altogether. Read More >>

How Viral Images Spread on Facebook, Visualised

Like counts are interesting, but they don't tell you how a link spreads on Facebook. That's why Stamen Design has explored how viral photos spread across the network — and the visualisation they've created is damn pretty. Read More >>

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This RoboCop Reboot Omnicorp Viral Shows Off Drones, Mechs and Cyborgs

When I heard they were rebooting yet another classic movie franchise in RoboCop, I was sceptical. Maybe they'd lose the future-retro camp feel; the massive irritable mechs, and OmniCorp's sinister ways. Thankfully it looks like that's all come through intact. Read More >>

Qualcomm's Attempt at a Viral Ad Backfires Badly

In an attempt to show off the video and battery performance of a Snapdragon equipped-phone, Qualcomm sent one around the world to snap some footage from each of nine cities, totalling to two minutes of video on just one charge. Two minutes of video on one charge? Wow, really pushing the battery life envelope there Qualcomm. Read More >>

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Why Videos Go Viral

Not all YouTube videos are made equal. Some languish in obscurity, while a tiny percentage rack up millions of hits. If you've ever wondered why that is, this explanation by Kevin Allocca, YouTube's trends manager, is well worth watching. Read More >>

Google Launches "Video Discovery Experiment" YouTube Slam

There's a new Google/YouTube thing out there to help make these dark days of nothingness pass a little quicker, in the form of YouTube Slam. It's a sort of 'Hot or Not?' for potential viral video clips. Read More >>

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The Very Worst Viral Videos of 2011 Are Obviously the Best Viral Videos of 2011

79 videos of viral videos. Four minutes and twelve seconds of shocking stupidity, cruel luck and freaky freaks. Five weeks of bad dreams after seeing it. Here's the video summary that will make you wonder: why life? Read More >>

Meet the 25 Most Viral People on the Internet

Sometimes a story or idea goes viral because it's too big to be ignored. But more often it's because a single human being passes it along to an audience that's either massive, highly influential, or both. There aren't too many people who can do that. Read More >>


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