Wannabe Chinese Space-Tourists Get Thumbs Down From US Government

2014 might be the year when Virgin Galactic finally takes its first £150,000 customers into space, but you're flat out of luck if you hail from China or North Korea -- Uncle Sam's too worried that you might steal the secret to Richard Branson's fabulous hair. Read More >>

Virgin Galactic Doesn't Have Permission to Fly You to Space

If you're one of the 700 or so people who bought tickets to fly to outer space on Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic rockets, don't pack your space bags just yet: Smithsonian notes that the company doesn't have the Federal Aviation Administration permit required to take passengers to space. Hope you folks got traveler's insurance. Or kept your Bitcoin receipts. [Smithsonian] Read More >>

Oh Good, You Can Now Use Your Fake Money to Fly in a Space Plane

Congratulations to all aspiring crypto-currency cosmonauts out there; you'll soon be able to use Bitcoins, everyone's favourite pseudomonetary bubble, to book flights on Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic space boats. Read More >>

Lady Gaga Set to Perform in Space With Tickets Likely Very Expensive

At the risk of discouraging attempts by extraterrestrials to make first contact with Earth, the first professional musician to perform in outer space will be Lady Gaga, who has booked a flight on a Virgin Galactic ship. Read More >>

World View Balloon Wants to Be the Ryanair of Space

Virgin Galactic a bit pricey for you? Understandable, since a ticket runs over £150,000. World View understands this, which is why they're gearing up to launch a rival service, which gets you a little less altitude for a lot less money (credit card booking fee not included). Read More >>

Would You Be on a Reality TV Show That Sends You to Space?

It's everyone's fantasy to get strapped to a giant rocket and blasted into the heavens. Right? Well, except for the space sickness, the difficult-to-operate space toilet, the inevitable contingency that your trip could turn out like the movie Gravity. Going to space is complicated. And it should make for great television. Read More >>

Watch a Virgin Galactic Test Flight from Onboard the Engine

This is what a Virgin Galactic supersonic flight with the SpaceShipTwo looks like, up close and personal. It's not quite space, but it's still damn gorgeous to watch. Read More >>

Virgin Galactic Nearing First Rocket-Powered Test Flight

The photo you see above was taken on February 28th when the Virgin Galactic and Scaled Composites team tested, for the first time, the rocket that will power its first test flight before going into orbit. And it was a raging success. Read More >>

The First Edge-of-Space Virgin Galactic Flight Should Be This Year

We haven't heard much out of Richard Branson's intergalactic airline for a while, but apparently we should soon see some actual, edge-of-space Virgin Galactic commercial flights, with paying punters and all. Read More >>

Get Lost In Space With Branson as Virgin Galactic's First Flight (Actually) Rockets Next Year

Looks like we're missing this target, but no fret, Branson and co. have announced the scheduled departure of the first Virgin Galactic space flight on board SpaceShipTwo. Read More >>

This Is LauncherOne: Virgin Galactic's Mothership-Launched Space Rocket

Virgin Galactic has a new spaceship: LauncherOne. It's a new air-launched rocket designed to put small satellites into orbit. LauncherOne is a cheap way for universities and private companies to get their own devices orbiting Earth. Read More >>

Wahl Hair Clippers Are This Baldy's Deal of the Day

Times are hard and revenue streams are scarce. We need to stop relying on traditional methods of generating income and look instead to nature. We need to harness the power of our HAIR. Read More >>

Simon Cowell Sending Reality Show Winner to SPACE

According to quotes apparently coming from Simon Cowell today, a deal with Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic space tourism venture could see the winner of 2012's Britain's Got Talent sent into space on one of the first private space trips. Read More >>

Virgin Galactic's Gateway to Space Is Now Open For Business

Sir Richard Branson has officially declared the Virgin Galactic Gateway to Space (previously known as the Spaceport America) is now open for business in the New Mexico desert. Read More >>

NASA Will Use Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo to Experiment in the Stars

NASA's space shuttle program may be kaput, but that doesn't mean they've given up their space adventuring entirely: in the future, Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo will house research missions for the government organization. Read More >>


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