Virgin Media's Porn Filters Switch on Just in Time for 152Mbps Upgrade

152Mbps? Just think of all the porn you could download with that! Wait, what? Oh... Read More >>

Virgin Media Wi-Fi Hits 10 More London Underground Stations

If your commute takes you through West Hampstead, Finchley Central, Wanstead, White City, Leyton, Leytonstone, Newbury Park, Plaistow, Finchley Road or Upton Park tube stations (and you are a Virgin Media, O2, EE or Vodafone mobile customer) you'll be able to freely access newly installed Virgin Media Wi-Fi hotspots at those locations. Your House of Cards binge now extends to the Underground platform! Read More >>

£10-a-Month Pirate Sky TV Subscription Ring Exposed

£10-a-month for every Sky TV channel, a subscription package that would usually cost closer to £80 a month? If it sounds too good to be legal, that's because it is. Like a scene from Jim Carey's The Cable Guy, UK broadcasters are facing an increasingly serious problem when it comes to illegal satellite TV installations. Read More >>

A 60mb Virgin Broadband Upgrade With a Free Superhub is Your "Bolt-Fast Torrents" Deal of the Day

The internet is brilliant isn't it? You can read whatever you like, shop without leaving the house and, most importantly, leave snarky comments on articles telling people they can't spell or wanting them dead. Within two clicks of trolling, you're on JustGiving giving £5 to someone raising money for people who have killed themselves after people abused them online. Read More >>

UK Networks Agree £50 Cap on Lost and Stolen Phone Charges

Four of our largest mobile networks have come to a deal on handling calling fees run up on lost and stolen mobile phones, with EE, Three, Virgin Media and Vodafone agreeing to limit the nicked mobile bill shock to a maximum of £50. Read More >>

Unlimited 152Mb Broadband From Virgin Media Will Go "Far Beyond BT"

Virgin Media has announced plans to roll-out its 152Mb broadband services early next year. An unlimited usage package, Branson's broadband will be "twice as fast" as "any other widely available service", setting its sights on rivals reliant on "old copper telephony infrastructure". Read More >>

Netflix Streams Coming to Virgin Media TiVo Boxes

Two of our media titans are set to collide, with old world cable TV and ISP network Virgin Media set to start carrying content from new media streaming darling Netflix. Read More >>

Virgin Media Joins Sony as PS4 "ISP Partner"

Virgin Media and Sony have signed some sort of blood-buddy pact covering this year's PlayStation 4 launch, with the ISP claiming it's now the "PlayStation 4 UK ISP partner" for Sony in the UK. Read More >>

BT Sport Channels Now Available in HD on Virgin Media

The two BT Sport channels and their ESPN overseas exchange student buddy are now available on Virgin Media, with the cable network providing them for free to anyone who currently subscribes to the Virgin XL TV bundle. Read More >>

The Radio Times Gets Blocked in the UK By Big Media Gaff

If it wasn't bad enough that news sites like TorrentFreak are going to get a taste of the piracy ban-hammer, it seems the humble Radio Times has gotten a helping of the court-ordered ISP blockade, and completely by accident too. Nice one, big media. Read More >>

The BBC Might Be Done With 3D But Virgin's Not Giving Up That Easily

While the BBC might be abandoning 3D broadcasts and productions for the foreseeable future, Virgin Media isn't yet ready to wave the surrender flag out of the screen. It's increasing the amount of 3D material available on its servers. Read More >>

Chopped Cable Downs Virgin Media TV and Internet on the South Coast

The precious umbilical cord of light that connects thousands of Portsmouth and Southampton residents to the internet has been cut through by engineers, leaving thousands of Virgin customers in the area without telly and cable broadband. Read More >>

Sky Gives Virgin Media £49m to Patch up its Groaning Broadband Network

Bizarre news from the cut-throat world of ISPs sees two deadly rivals teaming up for the betterment of the nation, with Sky asking Virgin Media for help shoring up its broadband and beating the capacity issues that have been dogging it for some time. Read More >>

Virgin Media's Chucking In Free Unlimited Calls to Premium Numbers In Its New VIP SIM Tariff

As far as unlimited SIM tariffs go, Three's One Plan has always been pointed to as the best, however Virgin Media's managed to eclipse it today with its VIP package, which for £31 a month (or £26 if you're an existing customer) you get unlimited calls, texts, data, and for the first time for any network, free access to 0800 numbers. Read More >>

Virgin Mobile Admits to New 2Mb Mobile Data Speed Cap

Virgin Mobile has started restricting mobile data connections to around 2Mb, reducing the maximum download speeds on offer to 3G phone users to help give everyone a workable level of service. Read More >>

US Media Giant Buying Virgin Media as Birthday Present to Self

US billionaire John Malone, head of international cable TV company Liberty Global, is looking to buy Virgin Media. The now-profitable TV and broadband company is said to be valued at around the £15bn mark. Read More >>


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