Ofcom Charts the Rise in Average UK Broadband Speeds -- But Rural Networks Still Crawling

The average UK broadband speed now sits at 17.8Mbps according to the latest study conducted by regulators Ofcom. That's up more than 3Mbps over the past six months, and a significant rise from the 3.6Mbps average that Ofcom found when it first started studying broadband speeds back in November 2008. Read More >>

Virgin Media Wi-Fi Hits 10 More London Underground Stations

If your commute takes you through West Hampstead, Finchley Central, Wanstead, White City, Leyton, Leytonstone, Newbury Park, Plaistow, Finchley Road or Upton Park tube stations (and you are a Virgin Media, O2, EE or Vodafone mobile customer) you'll be able to freely access newly installed Virgin Media Wi-Fi hotspots at those locations. Your House of Cards binge now extends to the Underground platform! Read More >>

Cameron's ISP Porn Filters Backfire, Blocking Safe Sex Education Sites

We never wanted ‘em, but we got ‘em anyway. The roll-out of UK ISP’s government-mandated porn filters is in full swing, with the four major providers switching on their blockers. But, as expected, each has a very unique view of what constitutes “hardcore pornography”. Read More >>

xbox one
Xbox One's TV Guide Features Won't Hit the UK Until 2014

That TV EPG integration thing that Microsoft banged on and on and on about when it launched Xbox One earlier this year? We're not getting it at launch, and Microsoft's only giving a vague "2014" answer when asked about when we are likely to see it. Read More >>

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The 12 Best Airline Safety Videos, Reviewed

Airline safety videos have been around as long as in flight entertainment systems, but have really only taken off in the last few years. They're also ridiculously hard to get right. Because they're delivering what could possibly be the driest, most boring content that everyone thinks they've heard a million times before, they have to be interesting enough so people actually watch them, and also appeal to the widest possible demographic. That's why good airline safety videos are so rare. Read More >>

Half of Loyal Brits Have Never Changed Mobile Phone Network

Just as we're loyal to our underperforming League Two football teams, so to do we Brits stick loyally to our mobile phone networks. For better, for worse, in sickness and in health, half of British mobile users have never changed mobile operator. Read More >>

O2's Free London Tube Wi-Fi Is Finally Go

After waiting ages for O2 to finally get its act in gear and serve up some free access to Virgin's Tube Wi-Fi network just like pretty much every other network, it's actually gone live 11 days earlier than expected. From today O2 customers can surf underground for free. Welcome to the club. [O2] Read More >>

O2's Free Wi-Fi on the Tube is is Just as Delayed as the Trains

O2 previously promised that like those on Vodafone and EE, its customers would start getting free Wi-Fi on the Underground as of June. Well, it's July (and supposedly summer) already, but the O2 Wi-Fi rollout is being delayed until the 22nd July owing to 'technical issues'. Given they'll be using Virgin Media's infrastructure like everyone else, those must be pretty special problems. [The Inquirer] Read More >>

This is What Richard Branson Looks Like Dressed Up in Drag

When you're a billionaire who owns a Formula 1 team, what do you put up as collateral in a bet with rival F1 team and airline-owning billionaires? Why, your dignity of course. This is what happens when you lose a bet over whose team is better. Read More >>

Dead Man Charged £10 For Not Paying Virgin Media Bill on Time

Virgin Media has made the rather enormous error of sending out a bill to a dead man, also cheekily adding a £10 late payment fee. Why not turn up at the funeral and prise the rings off his fingers to pay for his TV debts, you cold-hearted automatons? Read More >>

Virgin's Insanely Complicated New Traffic Management Shows What's Wrong With ISPs

Virgin isn't exactly a student of laissez-faire broadband, instead choosing to actively 'traffic-manage' its customers. It's just rolled out a new system of traffic management, and whilst it leads to some theoretically marginal improvements for consumers, it's the most complicated sonofabitch you're ever gonna see. But more than that, it's a demonstration of how out-of-touch some ISPs really are. Read More >>

O2's Giving You Free Virgin London Tube Wi-Fi Now Too

Good news if you're on O2. The network's just announced a deal with Virgin to give its customers free Wi-Fi access on London Underground, just like Vodafone and EE, from June. That will leave just Three and the MVNOs out of the free Tube Wi-Fi party. [Virgin] Read More >>

Virgin Trains Wins Two-Year West Coast Main Line Extension

The government's finally ready to start the UK's rail franchise system up again after making an almighty mess of the process last year, with the first decision being to grant Virgin Trains an extension on its West Coast main line route that'll see it continue to run the line until 2017. Read More >>

The British Torrent Blockade Continues as the BPI Strikes Again

It's not just the Pirate Bay that's feeling the sting of High Court-infused blocking orders. Three more torrent sites, KickassTorrents, H33T and Fenopy, have been given the special treatment thanks to the BPI, just like TPB, with BT, Virgin, O2 and Be already blocking them off the face of the UK internet. Read More >>

All the Crappy ITV Channels Are Now in HD on Virgin

When you're watching ITV 4, you're probably not fussed whether Police, Camera, Action is in HD or not, but good news -- now every ITV channel, 1 through 4, is in HD on Virgin. So, you no longer have to put up with substandard picture quality as well as substandard programming. [Virgin] Read More >>


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