Virgin Starts Charging For Tube Wi-Fi Today, But Will You Pay?

Virgin's London Tube Wi-Fi network is pretty useful, I have to admit, but the free ride is now over. From today, Virgin will start charging you for access unless you happen to be on EE, Vodafone or Virgin. It's not that expensive, but will you actually pay for it now? Read More >>

Virgin Wants to Sell You Duty-Free Artwork On Its Planes

Films for your in-flight entertainment? That's for the plebs, daahling. No, for real classy onboard diversions to compliment your caviar and bubbly, you want an art gallery. Always one to cater to the discerning champagne-swizzling first-class passenger, Virgin Atlantic is adding actual, real-life art galleries to some upper-class lounges. Read More >>

Toy Train Company Nearly Secures West Coast Mainline Contract

Toy company Big Jigs submitted a jokey application to run the troubled West Coast Mainline franchise, and didn't expect to get much joy. But the Department for Transport replied. And was quite funny. Read More >>

The First Edge-of-Space Virgin Galactic Flight Should Be This Year

We haven't heard much out of Richard Branson's intergalactic airline for a while, but apparently we should soon see some actual, edge-of-space Virgin Galactic commercial flights, with paying punters and all. Read More >>

Tycoon Tussles: Branson Wants a £1 Million Bet With BA's Boss, He Just Wants To Kick Him in the Balls

Which would you like more? £1 million, or the chance to knee the long-haired Virgin Atlantic owner in the family jewels? If you're the boss of British Airways, it's quite clearly the latter. Read More >>

It'll Cost £15 to Use Virgin Media's Underground Wi-Fi For a Month in 2013

The glorious, free Wi-Fi honeymoon period enjoyed by Londoners in many of the city's stations is about to end, with Virgin Media announcing the full list of prices commuters will have to pay to carry on using it through 2013. Read More >>

lightning review
Virgin Atlantic's Vera Entertainment System Review: The Best Way to While the Hours Away (If You Don't Have a Tablet)

Hailing from a country a good day's flight away, I've become pretty familiar with the various "entertainment systems" (if you can call some of them that) airlines offer their passengers. You're probably familiar with that sinking feeling when you discover a plane doesn't have on-demand movies, resulting in another 108 minutes to start watching your chosen time-waster from the opening scenes? Read More >>

'Ill-Judged' Virgin Ad Is a Little Too Rapey

If you live in the US, it seems that Virgin Mobile wants you to associate its brand with rape sudden surprises -- or at least that's the message the ad team is pushing. As part of its advent-calendar style of an ad a day (what was wrong with chocolate?), Virgin Mobile US pushed out the above ad, which it later described as an "ill-advised move". That's the understatement of the year. Read More >>

Virgin's Tied the Knot With EE and Vodafone For Free Tube Wi-Fi

After that little leak we saw this morning from EE, Virgin's gone ahead and officially announced a partnership with both EE, including Orange and T-mobile customers, and Vodafone, as well as pay as you go plans starting at £2-per-day from next year, for its London Tube Wi-Fi network. Read More >>

EE Tweets About Free Tube Wi-Fi; Mysteriously Deletes Said Tweet (Update: Confirmed and Vodafone too)

The official EE account tweeted out, and then immediately removed said tweet, that EE customers were going to be able to grab free Wi-Fi on the London Underground in 2013, presumably using Virgin's tube station network. Looks like the free surfing's going to continue, if you're luckily on the right phone network that is. Read More >>

Your Virgin Broadband Struggling With Streaming? Blame Unnamed 'Third-Party Peering Network'

Many customers have found that the promised Usain Bolt-like performance of Virgin broadband has actually been distinctly James Corden-like in the real world. Over the last few weeks, some customers have been complaining that a crippled network has allegedly rendered browsing stalwarts such as streaming 240p video on YouTube an impossible, stuttering mess. Read More >>

Virgin Media Blends Home and Mobile Calling With SmartCall Wi-Fi App

Virgin Media has announced a new converged mobile calling plan it's calling SmartCall, a system designed to let you use your land line calling allowance on your smartphone through an app and any Wi-Fi connection you can borrow or steal. Read More >>

Virgin's London Tube Wi-Fi Will Stay Free Till 2013

Despite rumours to the contrary, Virgin's extended its free Tube Wi-Fi network access through till the end of the year, despite the "Summer of Sport" being done and dusted months ago. The interesting thing is you might get it bundled in for free your home broadband too, even if you're not with Virgin, next year. Read More >>

Having Doubled Your Speed, Virgin Kicks Off Its Free 120Mbit Broadband Boost

Good news for those with Virgin's blazing 100Mbit broadband; after doubling everyone's speed for free, meaning 50Mbiters already got upgraded to 100Mbps, the cable company has just started bumping you all up to 120Mbit, and you don't have to spend a penny to get it, either. Read More >>

West Coast Train Line May be Nationalised as Branson's Doom Prophecy Comes True

The government's bizarre decision to take the West Coast Main Line train franchise away from Virgin Trains, which infuriated boss Richard Branson no end, has fallen apart in spectacular fashion, with the whole transfer now cancelled amid claims of mass incompetence. Read More >>

The First Man on Mars Could be... Richard Bloody Branson?

In an interview with a US news station, Richard Branson has revealed this he'll be taking his kids up with him when the first Virgin Galactic edge-of-space planes start running next year -- but a mission to Mars is his new ultimate fantasy. Read More >>


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