A Rare Genetic Mutation in These Siblings Makes Them Immune to Viruses

Viruses are incompetent but smart little things. Unable to make proteins on their own, they hijack ours for their own nefarious purposes. But what if we gave the viruses broken proteins? An incredibly rare genetic disorder in a brother and sister pair does exactly that, making them immune to many classes of viruses—and suggesting new possibilities for antiviral treatments. Read More >>

Cold Call Scammer Convicted for Scaring Windows Users Into Paying for Software

Hooray! One of the people behind the "Your computer is leaking personal information" phone scams has been convicted, with Mohammed Khalid Jamil earning a four-month suspended jail term for hiring call centre staff to trick unaware Windows users into paying for bogus malware protection. Read More >>

Meet the World’s Top Virus Hunter

Ian Lipkin, world-renowned virus hunter, is often jetting off to far-flung countries—countries in the middle of strange epidemics, that is. From SARS in China to MERS in Saudi Arabia, his lab has discovered or characterized over 500 viruses previously mysterious to humans. But what's it like working on the frontlines of an epidemic? How do you identify a virus you can't even see? Gizmodo got in touch with Lipkin to ask some questions about the life of a virus hunter. Read More >>

A Contagious Computer Virus That Spreads Through Wi-Fi

It's nearly your worst nightmare: a computer virus as contagious as the common cold that avoids detection and infects every computer on a given Wi-Fi network. You just pop into your local cafe for a latte and a little internet surfing, and you leave with a virus. This is scary! Read More >>

Will Wearables Spread Your Data Around Like a Disease?

You used to be able to escape technology. Turn off the laptop, unplug the phone, put the mobile under a cushion or lock yourself in the shed to disconnect, but now? Your data is right there, taped to your hand or face, constantly broadcasting the minutiae of your life. Read More >>

Charity Gift Wrap Turns Common Germs Into Pwetty Wittle Snowflakes

Homelessness charity St. Mungos has created this charming gift wrap, consisting of three heart-warming snowflake scenes. But they're not snowflakes, they're the cold, influenza and pneumonia viruses, blown up to highlight but three of the problems faced by the homeless in winter. All money goes to charity. Buy here: [Wrap Up Project] Read More >>

Don't Freak Out About Ultrasonic Malware (Yet)

The Internet's been abuzz lately with news that computer scientists have found a way to transmit malware using ultrasonic audio signals. If true, this means that you'd never be safe from the hackers, as long as your computer has a microphone and speakers. But don't freak out just yet. Read More >>

Get Out of Work Early With This Handy Happy Hour Virus

Everybody hates malware. It's scary—all your personal information could be exposed! It's annoying—all your data could disappear! It's confusing—none of your friends really know how it works! This is why fake malware is the best new way to play hooky. Read More >>

Did a USB Stick Infect a Russian Nuclear Plant with Stuxnet?

There's a common misconception that you need to be connected to the internet to get infected with malware. Well, that's not true, and according to renowned cybersecurity expert Eugene Kaspersky, the folks at a nuclear power plant in Russia learned this the hard way. Read More >>

Watch People in 1988 Freak Out Over The World's First Computer Worm

A rogue computer program has broken loose, spreading uncontrollably. By the end of its rampage, the virus conquered a full ten per cent of the world's internet connected machines. An unfathomable 6,000 computers had crashed. Read More >>

14 Infamous Computer Virus Snippets That Trace a History of Havoc

Computer viruses are almost as old as personal computers themselves, and their evolution was only hastened by the birth of Internet. And within each code is a story about its author, about the time it was written, and about the state of computing when it terrorized our hard drives. Read More >>

Two Tag-Teaming PC Viruses Are Fighting Dirty

Microsoft researchers have discovered that a pair of PC viruses called Vobfus and Beebone are harder to squash when they work in tandem. Two heads are better than one, right? Read More >>

Scientists Scooped Out Virus Guts to Make a Sterile, Zombified Vaccine

Vaccines beef up your immune system by giving it a little taste of a weak—but still alive—version of diseases. Now researchers over here in the UK have developed an alternative approach: rip out a virus's insides and let your body crush its hollow husk. Read More >>

If You're Blaming Computer Problems on a Virus, You're Probably Wrong

Next time a computer in your office is broken, chances are someone will blame it on a virus. But let's face it, most computer problems don't stem from viruses; they stem from dumb people. Read More >>

Meet the Symbiote: The Ironclad, Adaptable Future of Antivirus Protection

Ang Cui has a lot of power. With enough time he can take control of pretty much any networked device. He could watch you through your iSight or track the Netflix on your smart TV. But he has bigger fish to fry, so your Catfish marathons are safe for now. From him, at least. Read More >>

Google Chrome Is Blocking a Bunch of Major Sites for Malware, Even YouTube

If you were just cruising around the web today and got hit smack in the face with a Google Chrome malware error, you weren't the only one. A whole number of sites from such as imgur, DeviantArt, The San Francisco Chronicle, and YouTube were blocked for many users citing malware from Read More >>


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