Visa is Exploring Biometric Payment Systems

Apple's iPhone 5S has a fingerprint scanner, and now Samsung's revealed a print-reading Galaxy S5. Each allows for payments to be verified using a swipe of your digits. Is this the possible future of all transactions? Perhaps, and Visa is now exploring the area too to ensure it will be ready for the possible sea-change. Read More >>

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Samsung Wallet is Apple's Passbook, on Android

Samsung has just announced its new Wallet mobile payment app at the Mobile World Congress and... and it looks a hell of a lot like Apple's Passbook. Read More >>

Visa Has a New Virtual Wallet for RBS and NatWest Bankers

Visa's mobile payments system has been undergoing trials for quite some time, with the alternative to Paypal soon to offer RBS and NatWest customers a new, one-click way to pay for stuff while browsing the web on their mobiles. Read More >>

This Credit Card Costs £62,000 and an Imbecile's Soul

This credit card is made of gold and diamonds. Called Visa Infinite, you have to pay USD$100,000 (£62,000) to the Russian 'Sberbank in order to get it. You also need to be a complete imbecile. A very rich imbecile, but a complete imbecile nonetheless. Read More >>

Samsung's Galaxy S III Wins London Olympic Marketing Gold

Samsung has confirmed previous reports that claimed its Galaxy S III was to be the company's self-proclaimed "official" phone of the London 2012 Olympics, announcing a joint venture with VISA to hand out free phones to Olympic athletes. Is it too late to enter one of the easier events? Read More >>

Say Goodbye to Your Wallet: Vodafone Hooks Up With Visa For NFC-Phone Payments

Vodafone’s announced it’s managed to tie-up Visa for the “world’s largest” mobile payment system launching in the UK in April. It’ll revolve around a phone-based ‘mobile wallet’ powered by NFC that sounds a lot like Google Wallet crossed with MasterCard’s PayPass. Read More >>

Boffins Are on the Brink of Breaking Captcha Codes

Captcha systems, those psychedelic-font phrases designed to weed out bots from users, are a staple website security. And, thanks to Stanford Researchers, they may quickly become completely useless. Read More >>


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