This is What the Internet Looks Like as an NYC Subway Map

Everything is easier to understand when it's drawn up as a well-formatted subway map—including the Internet. This one, for instance, shows a simplification of the world's network of submarine fibre-optic cables. Read More >>

Watching 24 Hours of Someone's Heartbeat is Weirdly Hypnotic

As visualisations go, this is a simple one: it shows the heartbeats of data scientist Jen Lowe from the last 24 hours, gently pulsing as a big, bold, red screen. Read More >>

This is the First Modern Organisation Chart

The words 'organisation chart' are usually enough to make anyone's eyes glaze over—but this, the first modern example of such a visualisation, is actually incredibly pretty. Read More >>

Visualising How Sorting Algorithms Work is as Good as Any Art

We don't need to tell you that data can be beautiful—but the process of putting it in order can look good, too. A new site called SORTING aims to make people aware of just how elegant some of computer science's most fundamental algorithms can be. Read More >>

How the Time of Sunrise and Sunset Varies Around the World

Time zones are strange old things, especially the way they prescribe one time to thousands of miles of land mass—so this visualisation shows which parts of the world experience unusually early and late hours of daylight as a result. Read More >>

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The Time Everywhere Right Now, Beautifully Visualised

Today's XKCD really is wonderful: called 'Now', it's a simple clock which shows you what time it is in the world right... now, and changes each time you check back on it. Read More >>

How Much of Your Phone is Actually Screen?

Sure, you think about how big a phone's screen is all the time, but how much of a phone is actually screen? This handy visualisation from Post PC shows exactly how your handset stacks up against the rest of the world in screen-to-bezel ratio. The results might surprise you. Read More >>

The World's Biggest Tea Drinkers, Visualised

In news that may make you spit your Earl Grey over the screen: The UK does not top the list of worldwide tea-drinkers. That accolade falls to the Turkish, and the UK comes in at third after after the Ireland in second, as shown by this infographic. Read More >>

All the World's Preventable Disease Outbreaks, Visualised

Although medical science has advanced immeasurably in the last century, many preventable diseases still claim lives due to ineffective vaccination programs. This map shows when and where that happens. Read More >>

100 Famous Movie Quotes as Charts

Nathan Yau has turned the American Film Institute's 100 most memorable quotes from cinema into chart form. Here they are, in all their wonderful geeky glory. Read More >>

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You've Never Seen Pi Look So Interesting in So Many Ways

Martin Krzywinski is an artist. No, wait, he's a mathematician. Actually, scratch that: he's both, and he can make the number Pi look insanely beautiful. Read More >>

Where Emotions Hit You, Visualised

Nerves make your stomach churn; embarrassment brings a glow to your cheeks. Emotions clearly have a direct physiological effect on our bodies, and now a team of Finnish researchers has analysed exactly how—and represented them in this visualisation. Read More >>

This Is What a Breakup Looks Like as Cold, Hard Data

Breakin' up is, as Neil Sedaka once sagely pointed out, hard to do. But for one recently divorced woman, studying the data behind the breakup was a balm to help her through a tough emotional time. Read More >>

All the Habitable Planets Within 60 Light-Years of Earth, Visualised

There may well be more than 60 billion habitable planets littering the Milky Way, but it's virtually impossible to make use of that figure. Instead, how about this picture, which shows you how many planets are within 60 light-years of Earth. Read More >>

The 200 Top-Scoring Reddit Posts of All Time, Visualised

There have been a mind boggling number of posts on Reddit since it was created, but which ones have done best? This visualisation shows the 200 highest-scoring posts of all time from the site. Read More >>

The Complex Relationships Between Bourbons, Visualised

As any good drinker knows, there's a an awful lot to know about Bourbon. But if you're sometimes confused about the providence of your tipple, then this family tree should help. Read More >>


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