62 Years of Global Warming in One Terrifying GIF

It may be the height of winter out, but rest assured the globe is getting warmer by the year. A lot warmer. See for yourself. Read More >>

Reddit's Early Days Were a NSFW Wonderland

Reddit's come a long way since it first appeared online in 2006—but how has it changed over time? This visualisation shows how the relative sizes of its subreddits have changed. Read More >>

This is What 400,000 Hours of U.S. International TV News Looks Like

Ever wonder what places get the most attention in American news? The answer is more striking than you might think. This geography of U.S. attention is beautifully illustrated in a new animation that maps the geographic subjects of U.S. television news broadcasts over the span of four-years. It's kinda sparkly. Read More >>

The Relative Screen Resolutions of Your Favourite Devices in One Chart

The display on your phone is relatively tiny. But in pixels, it's friggin' huge. That's the beauty of high resolution. So how would that phone screen compare to your TV, or your tablet or your laptop if it was spread out to a similarly-sized screen? Doghouse Diaries made this graphic to show you, and it's kind of nuts. Read More >>

A Map of What Every Single Country Leads the World In

Congratulations, America! You have more lawnmower deaths than anywhere in the world. Likewise, cheers to Madagascar on the lemurs. It turns out that if you look hard enough, every country is the best at something. And this wonderful map from Doghouse Diaries looks very, hilariously hard. Read More >>

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42 Maps that Will Change How You Think About the World

Aside from just telling you where you are, or letting you point our where you want to be, maps can do a fantastic job of recontextualising everything you think you know about the world. You probably know that already, but here's a run down of maps that do it well. Read More >>

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Here's a Map of the World Adjusted for the Population Size of Countries

If you were to redraw the map of the world according to each country's population, you would get a warped world that looked like this. Some giant countries like Canada and Australia become tiny strips and dots while other giant countries like China and India predictably inflate and take over the map. You can also see how crowded some countries are, Japan is bigger than Mexico! But at least all these countries made it on the map, Iceland and Belize didn't even have enough people to show up. Read More >>

How Insanely Fast the ISS Moves

The International Space Station orbits the Earth at 8 kilometres per second — but it's tough to visualise just how fast that is. When you think about it in terms of how far the thing moves during the course of a song you know, though, you'll be shocked. Read More >>

This is What the World's Biggest Data Breaches Look Like

It sometimes feels like there's a big data breach in the news every week — but some are far worse than others. This data visualisation shows the world's biggest data breaches to date, and how they compare over time. Ouch Sony. Read More >>

Explore Twitter's Hidden Landscape In These Gorgeous Interactive Maps

Twitter never tires of finding clever new ways to show off its mountains of tweets; but now it's going literal with actual mountains of tweets. Twitter's in-house data visualisation scientist Nicolas Belmonte put together these new, interactive, topographical maps of tweet history, and the result is a digital mountain range like you've never seen. Read More >>

Google's New Trend Visualiser Is a Truly Beautiful Thing

Google's been logging data about hot trends ever since you started tip-tapping search terms into its front page, but now it's gone and made it look damn pretty with it. Read More >>

All The Recurring Jokes in Arrested Development Visualised

Watch enough Arrested Development—I mean, is there really such a thing as enough?—and you become party to a long and intricate series of recurring jokes. Now, you can feast your eyes on an interactive visualisation that lets you take a closer look at where the gags crop up. Read More >>

The History of Film, Visualised

One hundred years of cinema, explained in amazing graphical form. Designer Larry Gormley explains: Read More >>

How Viral Images Spread on Facebook, Visualised

Like counts are interesting, but they don't tell you how a link spreads on Facebook. That's why Stamen Design has explored how viral photos spread across the network — and the visualisation they've created is damn pretty. Read More >>


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