Vizio's New Bluetooth Speakers Have Android KitKat Tablets Built-In

Bluetooth speakers are all the same right? You connect your phone to them to wirelessly beam bumping music. Not Vizio's brand new Smart Audio speakers though. Vizio's Bluetooth speakers also have a freaking Android tablet running KitKat built in. Yes, there are 7-inch and 4.7-inch tablets on speakers now. Read More >>

First Hands-On with a Tegra 4 Tablet

Vizio, while not selling its products in the UK, had a nice surprise at CES this year: one of the only tablets with a Tegra 4 processor inside you can find anywhere in the world, outside of some death vault at Nvidia headquarters. We used it, needless to say. Read More >>

The Biggest Tech Disappointments of 2012

Lots of fun, good, and exciting things happened in our world this year. But there were still so many things that could've been truly great, but flopped. Broken promises. Awful gadgets. Here's what broke Giz's heart in 2012. Read More >>

Ultrawidescreen, 3D and Google TV From Vizio: They're On a Roll

Whether we ever see Vizio hit this side of the pond or not, they're tearing up CES with their new PCs and a 10-inch tablet. But they've also announced some new TVs which look pretty sweet, too. Read More >>

The New Vizio PCs and Notebooks Are Worthy of Apple

I don't know how these will perform, but holy f*ck the new Vizio PCs and notebooks look amazingly good. Indeed, the may beat sleepy PC giants at their own game. Their designer must be a genetic mix of Jon Ive and Tony Stark. Read More >>

Google TV Boldly Tells World It Will Survive

Remember Google TV? At least one entity does: Google, who just let us in on its plans for 2012. The software is hitting TVs from Samsung and LG. Read More >>


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