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Can a Big Brand Vodka be Cool Enough for Craft Cocktails?

Once upon a time, way back in the 1990s, vodka was pretty much the coolest thing you could order. It was the It drink at clubs and bars, and its magical (dearth of) flavour swept the nation. But, in the last decade, the craft movement has exploded. "Small batch," "hand-made," and "craft" are the new buzzwords for everything from beer to whiskey and gin to cocktails. Read More >>

Forensic Artist Reveals the Face of That Skull-Shaped Vodka Bottle

Ever wonder what the face might look like for that skull-shaped Crystal Head vodka bottle? Well, one Scottish forensic scientist recently found out. Read More >>

The 20 Weirdest, Coolest Liquor Bottles in the World

Generally speaking, it's what's inside a bottle that counts. It could come out of a yak udder just as long as it still tastes like a fine, single-malt Scotch. Still, there's nothing wrong with a little creative packaging. And booze bottles come in some of the most creative, decadent, and just plain bizarre designs you can imagine. Read More >>

Scientists Send Text Messages Using Puffs of Vodka

Someday, if you're out on the town and spot someone you fancy at the end of the bar, you might be able to pass along your digits using the drink in your hand. Because researchers at Toronto's York University have created a simple system that's able to encode data, like a text message, into puffs of evaporated vodka. Read More >>

Goldschlager Goes Chavvy... and Cinnamon... and Vodka... With New Smirnoff Gold Flavour

Too poor to bag yourself some Goldschlager but desperate to see what real gold tastes like without biting your sugar daddy's pinkie ring off? Then you're in luck, because edible gold just hit the supposedly cheaper end of the market. Anyone fancy a shot of cinnamon-flavoured, metal-infused Smirnoff Gold? Read More >>

Guess What the World's Most Consumed Spirit Is

In the world of booze there's just so much to choose from. You've got your fine wines, stoic ales, and enough crisp lagers to sink a battleship, but you'd be surprised just how many billions of spirits are drunk globally. What's your bet for the most consumed liquor? Read More >>

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Ten Crazy Things People Use to Make Booze

Sometimes you just don't have the right resources to make a decent drink. But if you get enough sober, thirsty minds focused on the problem, humans can find some pretty creative ways to come up with alcohol. Read More >>

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How To Rapidly Flavour any Booze Using Whip-Its

Infusing liquor is the secret to a lot of great cocktails. You can add rosemary to rum. You can add beef to rye whiskey. The possibilities are endless, but one thing is constant. It takes a long time. Days—even weeks—sealed in a jar. Read More >>

Vodka Red Bull Makes You a Bit More Sensible, Apparently

A student staple in the drinking menu across many university student unions and the root of many sleepless nights, Vodka Red Bull has fuelled many parties and mad nights out. And as results day dawns on A-Level students today, many will find themselves partying it up tonight and experiencing the joys of a bit of irritability, maybe some heart palpitations and of course, staying up awake all night. But consumers of the energy concoction will apparently be less likely to do something really stupid than if you stuck to just booze alone. Read More >>

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The Vodka So Dangerous You Should Never Drink it Straight

Earlier this year, English company Master of Malt scorched mouths and livers with the world's hottest vodka. Rated to 100,000 Scoville Heat Units, you'd want to chase it with an iceberg. Read More >>

Drink Your Way Through The Dark Knight Rises With Popcorn Vodka

Have you ever had the problem of wanting to eat popcorn and consume hard spirits at the same time, but been defeated by the effort it takes to put a bag in the microwave? No? Well, even if you haven't, 360 Vodka is going to solve that problem by combining both in one potent/manly bottle. Read More >>

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Seven Insane Ways To Get Drunk Without Drinking

Some people really enjoy the feeling of being drunk, but hate having to do all that pesky drinking. Maybe they don't want the calories. Maybe they don't like the taste. Maybe they're in a hurry, and the normal metabolic process is a waste of time. Regardless, the lengths to which some will go to get their swerve on provides a unique and truly chilling look at humanity. Read More >>

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Vodka Alchemy: How to Change Cheap Clear Vodka from Terrible to Tolerable

It comes in a plastic bottle. It tastes like pouring battery acid down your throat. It smells like a robot's corpse. For around ten quid—you can get a lot of it. Read More >>

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Shaken or Stirred: Which Gets You Drunker? A Scientific Exploration

Some bartenders have a chip on their shoulders when it comes cocktails. Shaking waters it down, they say. Stirring is better. James Bond is a pussy. Read More >>

This British Naga Chilli Vodka is Enough to Make Grown Men Cry

While it’s not quite the as hot as the insane 2 million SHU Scorpion Pepper, the Naga Chilli Vodka is still criminally hot. In fact, it’s so hot it almost took Philip Schofield off air when he tasted the spicy tipple – it even comes with a health warning. Read More >>

Drinking Vodka Makes You Talk More Better

If you've been looking for an excuse to drink all morning, I just found you one: according to a recent study, drinking vodka improves word association and verbal creativity. Somebody pass the bottle. Read More >>


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