Windows Phone 8.1's Cortana is Google Now Plus Siri

Today at the Build Developer Conference, Microsoft is showing off the newest version of its phone OS, Windows Phone 8.1. And now, Windows Phone finally has a notification centre, and its own personal assistant: Cortana. Read More >>

Apple Just Patented a System That Could Put Siri in Charge of Your Home

While we were all focused on sensors that fit on our wrists, Apple was quietly winning 38 patents for a system of sensors as big as a house. Read More >>

The PS4 Will Have Voice and Facial Recognition too

Continuing the "everything you can do, I can do better" war, Sony's confirmed that the PS4 will be able to mimic the Xbox One with both facial and voice recognition, so you'll be able to scream at your PlayStation too. Read More >>

Amazon Has Acquired a Siri-Like App Company

Amazon has ponied up a cool £17 million for a company that builds a voice recognition app called Evi — yes, essentially a Siri clone — prompting speculation about a forthcoming phone from Bezos and co. Read More >>

Apparently You'll Just Be Able to Shout at Your Xbox to Turn It On

The Xbox rumours are flowing thick and fast at the moment, with the latest report stating that Microsoft's going all-in with voice recognition, allowing you to simply walk in the room and shout "Xbox on" to fire the thing up. It's even going to go all Siri-like on us too, let's just hope it's a tad more useful in the UK than Apple's poor-excuse-for-butler. Read More >>

Siri Was Going to be a Droid Feature, Until Apple Stole It Away

Way back in the mists of 2009, before Siri was even a twinkle in Apple's eye, the US network Verizon was planning to add the app to all of its Android smartphones. Sadly (or thankfully?) for the network (and Android users), that didn't last. Read More >>

Soon Your Phone Will Know How You're Feeling

Of course we spend a lot of time talking into our phones, but more and more we're also spending a lot of time talking to them. For the most part they tend to be pretty good at simply retrieving data, but soon they might be able to figure out your mood as well. Read More >>

How Do Computers Understand Speech?

More and more, we can get computers to do things for us by talking to them. A computer can call your mother when you tell it to, find you a pizza place when you ask for one, or write out an email that you dictate. Sometimes the computer gets it wrong, but a lot of the time it gets it right, which is amazing when you think about what a computer has to do to turn human speech into written words: turn tiny changes in air pressure into language. Read More >>

Microsoft Can Convert Your Voice Into Another Language

It's unlikely that you speak Mandarin, but that doesn't mean you won't need to at some point. Now, Microsoft has created software that can analyse your speech, translate it and then spit out a new recording of your very own voice speaking in a different language. Read More >>

Nuance Planning Voice Recognition Which Works While Your Phone Sleeps

Nuance, the company behind Apple's Siri, isn't content with the current state of mobile voice recognition. Instead, it wants smartphones to be able to react to voice commands even when they're asleep. Read More >>

Next-Gen Ultrabooks Will Feature Nuance Voice Recognition

It's well-known that Intel is keen for the next swathe of ultrabooks to feature touchscreens. But it also has another wish for the future of svelte computing: it's teaming up with Nuance to outfit upcoming ultrabooks with voice recognition technology. Read More >>

Nuance Wants Voice Recognition To Take Over Your Entire Phone

Nuance's voice recognition software already crops up in plenty of places—most famously to power Siri, but also in standalone app Dragon Go!, some smart TVs, and even cars. Now, though, Nuance is planning to have its software power each and every app you use. Read More >>

Nuance's Dragon ID Understands the Unique Properties of Your Voice

Nuance already has some solutions for speech recognition — they've got a voice control app for both iOS and Android called Dragon Go! Now it's taking that a step further with Dragon ID, an even smarter tool that actually can decipher the sound of your voice. Read More >>

Siri's Long Lost Cousins Speak Up

Speech recognition wasn't a new prospect when Siri was revealed by Apple last year. But with the rapid proliferation of the iPhone 4S, its easy to forget about all the past attempts to bring talking computers into our lives. Read More >>

Here's How Siri Can Power an Apple HDTV

Nuance, the amazing voice recognition technology behind Siri and other voice recognition software on phones, has announced that they'll be bringing their voice tech to TVs now with Dragon TV. Basically, Nuance wants you to talk to your TVs. And since Apple is supposedly making an HDTV that let's you talk to the TV, this is getting VERY interesting. Read More >>


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