EE's Intro-ing Visual Voicemail -- But Do You Actually Still Use Voicemail?

Visual voicemail -- allowing you to see, organise and listen to your voicemails without dialling up some bitchy voicemail woman -- is a common feature in North America. It's a nice feature, to be sure, and EE's introducing it to lucky 4G customers -- but does anyone still actually use voicemail? Read More >>

Facebook Messenger Now Allows You to Send Voice Messages

The Facebook Messenger application is getting an update for Android and iOS so that users can now send voice messages up to one-minute long to their friends. Just a few weeks after Facebook went after Snapchat with a clone app, it's modified Messenger to be a clone for Apple's iMessage. Read More >>

Mailing Recorded Messages Was Once an Actual Alternative To Long Distance Phone Charges

Sherman, set the wayback machine to ridiculous because back in 1967, Smith-Corona — best known for its typewriters — actually sold a device called the Mail Call. What did it do? Let users record messages on small cartridges and mail them to anyone with a matching device. Read More >>


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