Why Google Killing Google Voice Would be Fantastic

Brace yourself Google Voice fanboys, your treasured service is probably not long for this world. But don't you worry; the sooner it's dead the better we'll all be. Read More >>

Do You Skype Your Pets?

This one has caught me completely by surprise. Apparently over half of Brits actually Skype their pets, and a quick whip round the office says, yes, people really do Skype, FaceTime, Hangout, whatever, their pets. We're surrounded by secret pet-chatters -- are you one of them? Read More >>

PSA: Your Skype Messages Aren't as Private as You Think They Are

Most people think of Skype as a secure means of communication, with messages kindly delivered using end-to-end encryption. But a new report by Ars Technica suggests that's far from the case — and Microsoft is often dipping into your communications. Read More >>

Is WhatsApp Looking at Adding Voice Messaging?

Here's an interesting tidbit. 9to5Mac got hold of a supposed leaked email from WhatsApp sent to a developer in Hong Kong asking for the Chinese translation of "push-to-talk". Is WhatsApp going to add walkie-talkie-like voice blips soon? Read More >>

You Can Now Skype From Within a Browser

When it rolled out the new email service last year, Microsoft promised Skype integration — it's just taken quite a long time to arrive. It's not as neat as you might hope, though: to use the service, you'll need to install a browser plugin that bridges Skype and Read More >>

Free Voice-Calling Will Hit Facebook Messenger For iOS Today

If you'd rather actually SPEAK to your friends instead of dropping a link to an appropriate GIF on their wall, then download Skype. I mean, use Facebook Messenger for iOS, which from today brings a feature our Amurrrican friends have been testing for the past couple of months. Read More >>

Facebook Messenger Now Allows You to Send Voice Messages

The Facebook Messenger application is getting an update for Android and iOS so that users can now send voice messages up to one-minute long to their friends. Just a few weeks after Facebook went after Snapchat with a clone app, it's modified Messenger to be a clone for Apple's iMessage. Read More >>

Get a Month of Free, Unlimited Skype Worldwide Calling Right Now

Remember that short-lived, but extremely tasty free Premium Skype package Microsoft was punting for a month a while back? That let you call phone lines almost anywhere in the world for free, for as long as you like? Yep, well, it's back. Grab it now and annoy everyone everywhere with prank phone calls for free this Christmas. Read More >>

Facebook Is Launching a Numberless "Social Calling" Service

Tech Crunch is reporting that Facebook is teaming up with carriers to provide a "social calling" service. Initially striking up a deal with Orange France, it seems the service will allow friends to make voice calls without knowing each other's numbers. Read More >>

Ryanair Gets in on Call Credit Sales With VOIP Chat App

Cheapo airline Ryanair has launched a mobile VOIP chat app, letting iPhone and Android users call each other through a wi-fi connection in a sort of budget Skype style. Read More >>

Skype's Giving Everyone Free Unlimited Worldwide Phone Calling For an Entire Month, But Only If You Claim It Right Now

Time to call that long-lost Aunt in the middle of absolute nowhere; Skype's just announced you can now claim a whole month's worth of unlimited free world-wide landline and mobile calling, but only if you claim it by end of play today. Free phone calls? Why the hell not. Read More >>

You Can Now Buy Pre-Paid Skype Credit Cards In the UK

Almost everyone has Skype, but most use it for free Skype-to-Skype calling. Maybe that's because you don't want Microsoft to have your credit card details? Well, now you can buy Skype credit in the supermarket, thanks to new pre-paid Skype cards -- the perfect Christmas present for that cousin you don't particularly like? [Skype] Read More >>

Vodafone Plans Daylight Robbery Over FaceTime and VoIP

The network big dogs have released their plans and prices for the release of the iPhone 5, but one specific network provider is playing hardball with a handy new feature called FaceTime over 3G. In addition to some already pricey plans, if you're an existing customer, you may have to cough up some extra dosh, just to get your FaceTime on the go. Read More >>

Is Skype Snooping on Your Conversations?

Since launch, Skype has been regarded as secure and private, with its strong encryption and complex peer-to-peer network connections making calls almost impossible to intercept. Since Microsoft bought it out, though, things have been changing—and the Slate suggests your privacy may not be what it once was. Read More >>

Ethiopia Will Lock You Up For 15 Years If You Use Skype

Using VoIP services such as Skype is now against the law in Ethiopia. In fact, those who continue to use Skype face up to 15 years in the slammer, just for making a free call. What the hell? Read More >>

Skype's Going to Annoy You With Mid-Call "Conversation Ads"

Skype's trying to monetise all us freeloaders that don't purchase Skype credit and just call other Skype using friends. Its great idea is to shove animated adverts in your call window, so that you have something new and exciting to talk about. Read More >>


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