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This Drone Footage of an Erupting Volcano is Absolutely Nuts

Put your face close to your screen and hit play. This short video, uploaded by YouTuber Shaun O'Callaghan, was shot from a DJI Phantom quad-copter as Yasur volcano on Tanna Island in Vanuatu erupted. Read More >>

Molten Magma Could Power Electric Plants of the Future

Good old geothermal plants generate power using water heated by hot rocks deep underground. But what if we could get energy directly from the seething magma down below? In Iceland, an accidental discovery let scientists actually stick a pipe into magma to test this idea—and the results of their experiment have just been published in the journal Geothermics. Read More >>

This Combination of Volcanic Smog and Sunglint is Stunning

You're looking at a picture of the Vanuatu Archipelago in Australia, shrouded in vog—a word used to describe the kind of volcanic smog which is formed when gases from a volcano react with sunlight, oxygen and moisture. Read More >>

World's Biggest Volcano Found Casually Chillin' Under The Sea

Ending perhaps the world's most ironic game of hide-and-seek, scientists claim to have discovered the world's biggest volcano, a behmoth the size of Poland that apparently no-one's ever noticed before. Read More >>

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The Frozen Lava Flows of Mars

This might seem like some kind of psychedelic artwork — but you're actually looking a hundreds of individual lava flows, frozen in time on the side of Olympus Mons on Mars. Read More >>

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It's Only Reasonable to Think That This Russian Volcano Looks Like Mordor

The Plosky Tolbachik volcano in Kamchatka, Russia is going kind of crazy this month. And Live Journal user Lusika33 has been following the eruptions from land and air. It's pretty amazing to think that these rivers of lava are flowing right now. It seems like shooting from the helicopter may have been kind of scary for Lusika33, but it can't be more intense than standing in the volcano. [EnglishRussia] Read More >>

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Why Does This Image of the Mount Etna Volcano Eruption from Space Look So Weird?

Because Earth can sometimes look like an Impressionist painting from space, NASA added colours to the Mount Etna volcano eruption to separate what from what. The false-colour image combines shortwave infrared, near-infrared and green light in the RGB channels. It looks like Earth on acid. Read More >>

How a Film Crew Captured Four—Count 'Em, Four—Simultaneous Volcanic Eruptions

A volcano erupting on its own is no big deal; they're like earthquakes, no one cares unless it's catastrophic. But to have four separate volcanic cones — each fed by separate magma sources — all erupting within 110 miles of one another simply doesn't happen. Ever. This must be what witnessing Haley's Comet was like. Read More >>

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Stunning Rivers of Lava Making an Ocean of Lava

I get transfixed watching rivers of lava flow, either fast and fluid, or growing in slow motion, like the living rocks at 1 minute and 53 seconds in this video. Read More >>

Volcanoes May Erupt On the Moon In the Future

Imagine looking up to the sky every night just to see the Halloween orange and chimney red glow from dozens of volcanoes on the surface of the Moon. According to new research paper just published in Nature Geosciences, humans could be able to enjoy such a show in the future. Read More >>

Massive Greenhouse Gases Killed the Earth Before and It Could Happen Again

Raging wildfires, acidified oceans and soaring temperatures likely caused a mass extinction 250 million years ago killing 95 per cent of the Earth's marine life and 70 per cent of terrestrial species. Read More >>


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