UK Should Embrace E-Voting, So the Kids Can Endorse Nigel Farage Without Leaving the House

The Electoral Commission has suggested that the UK ought to embrace full electronic voting like we're some sort of forward-thinking democracy instead of a lethargic old Shire horse that's ready for death, claiming that a move to a radical online voting option may stop voter turnout figures dwindling ever lower. Read More >>

UK Considers Facebook Voting Option to Counter Mass Voter Apathy

Would the young people of the UK be more likely to vote at the next election if they could do so by clicking a big "LIKE" button beneath Nick Clegg's sad face? That's the hope of a new parliamentary committee, which is asking today's tech giants to come up with a bulletproof method to make internet voting a possibility. Read More >>

Monopoly's Iron Token Is Dead, Long Live the Cat

Hasbro took a vote, and the internet has spoken. The ballots have been counted, and the people have said F the iron — the new Monopoly token will be a cat. Read More >>

Vote Which Monopoly Token Should Keep Passing Go

Say goodbye to your childhood. In order to herald in an age of change, Hasbro's "Save Your Token" campaign is asking you to pick which memory of your youth you'd like to watch fade to nothingness. Read More >>

You Can Vote on Facebook's New Privacy Changes

Facebook said today that it's going to let users vote on the changes to its privacy policy that it announced just before its IPO. It's the second time that Facebook has done this, and also might be the last. Read More >>


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