Holy Shit, a New David Attenborough Documentary is Coming to Oculus Rift

Facebook buying Oculus Rift was seen by some people as a huge blow to the future of the system, but now we have some news which'll make the odd virtual reality privacy intrusion worth its while: An upcoming David Attenborough documentary is being filmed specifically for the Oculus Rift. Read More >>

Train for Surgery Using Immersive 3D Holograms of Corpses

Computer-generated models are starting to let researchers and students peer into the body without needing a real human stretched out before them. Virtual dissection tables have been built at places like Stanford and the University of Calgary. Now, University of Michigan computer scientists and biologists have taken the technology another step forward, using projectors, joysticks and 3D equipment to build a floating holographic human that users can dissect, manipulate, and put back together as they wish. Read More >>

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Strap on Oculus Rift Goggles and Control a Drone With Your Head

Oculus Rift enables you to escape into incredible virtual (or live-action) worlds, but strapping on the goggles is precisely that—an escape. Which is what makes this new open-source project by Diego Araos so crazy: using the goggles' head-motion tracking feature and live video feed, you can actually navigate an AR drone with a tilt of your noggin. Read More >>

Meet the Crazy Camera That Can Make Movies for the Oculus Rift

Gamers love Oculus Rift; the virtual reality system offers a mind-blowingly immersive way to experience digital worlds. Jaunt, a new tech company, brings the platform into live-action, cinematic territory. I saw their stuff. It was incredible. And it's a pretty big deal for movies and media. Read More >>

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Oculus Rift Perfectly Recreates... a Supermarket?

I'm not really sure what's going on here. This video seems to be demonstrating the mind-blowing virtual reality capabilities of Oculus Rift by taking people on a stroll through a virtual land. But it's not an alien landscape, a grizzly battlefield, or even a national monument. It's the damn supermarket. Huh? Read More >>

Project Morpheus: Sony's Oculus Rift Competitor Looks Incredible

It was only a matter of time. The Oculus Rift has caught so much attention—deservedly so—that of course one of the big dogs was going to start honing in on its virtual reality territory. The big dog is Sony and their Project Morpheus VR headset sounds fantastic. Read More >>

Sony's Own VR Tech for PS4 May Appear Next Week

March 17th is the day the Game Developers Conference kicks off in the US, with rumours suggesting Sony may use the event to launch its own take on the Oculus Rift VR technology for its PlayStation4 console. Read More >>

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This is What I See Every Time You Explain the Awesomeness of Oculus Rift

Virtual reality sure is cute. And, yes, I do mean that in the most condescending way possible. Read More >>

Oculus Rift Production Stops as Developer Rush Uses All Components

The maker of the Oculus Rift VR headset has run into some trouble sourcing materials to build the developer hardware it's currently shipping, saying that the frenzy to pick up a dev unit means they've run out of (or can no longer buy) some critical components. Read More >>

Valve Wants to Create Standardised, Affordable VR Controllers

Virtual Reality can be great, but it's expensive and highly proprietary. That might soon change, though, because Valve apparently wants to create an affordable and standardised system for in-game VR control. Read More >>

PC Development Legend John "Doom" Carmack Leaves id for Oculus Rift

One of the largest brains in computing is now working for Oculus Rift, with the co-creator of the likes of Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake lessening his role at id Software to help out at the new VR gaming headset company. Read More >>

Oculus Rift Porn Is Frankly Terrifying

And you thought the people in real porn had dead eyes. The above image comes from a DIY porn game/experience built specifically for 3D headset Oculus Rift, giving players the ideal hands-free sex-viewing experience. Unfortunately, it's like watching dead people doing it, a fetish that only applies to a very small number of people. Read More >>

Oculus Rift Getting "Erotic Virtual Reality Adventure Game" Wicked Paradise (AKA Porn)

Porn gaming is coming to the Oculus Rift VR headset, with adult fun provider Wicked Paradise claiming to have some sort of virtual shag-fest ready for launch when the stereoscopic gaming phenomenon eventually hits the market. Read More >>

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Ex-Valve Engineers' Crazy AR Glasses Put Tiny Projectors On Your Face

Ex-Valve employees Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson had been hard at work on the project for over a year before Valve sliced off their bit of the company. Fortunately, Valve also let the project go with them, and the pair formed Technical Illusions to finish the sucker off. Now they're showing it off at Maker Faire where The Verge caught up with them.

Minecrift Combines Minecraft with Oculus Rift to Create Nerd Heaven on Earth

A fan-made Minecraft mod Minecrift has added Oculus Rift support to block-building world sim Minecraft, letting players immerse themselves in the adult LEGO simulator like never before. Read More >>


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