Thor's Hammer is So Heavy it Would Kill Everything

There's a common misconception that Thor's hammer was forged from a dying star. It wasn't! It was forged inside of one, ya dummy. But just for fun, what would happen if Thor's hammer actually had been forged from a neutron star's demise? Read More >>

Who Owns The Moon?

The moon is not as far away as some things, but it's definitely farther away than your nearest McDonalds or the bottom of the ocean or, you know, anything on Earth at all. Basically it's not easily accessible. So it would be pretty presumptuous for a person or group to say that they owned a certain part of it. Or all of it. But it's kind of complicated to figure out what would happen if anyone tried. Read More >>

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Yeah, What's The Deal With Clapping?

Sometimes I have an out of body moment where I see myself as an audience member and think about how dumb-looking the whole process is. You sit somewhere. You gape at something and don't monitor your facial expression because you assume no one is observing you, and then often, you clap. It's definitely a cultural tradition, but sometimes it just feels like an instinct. I sometimes find myself clapping at borderline inappropriate times seemingly because it's a reaction my body is volunteering to perform. Read More >>

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If You Don't Live For Billions of Years You're Gonna Miss Out

The average human lifespan is a lot longer than it used to be. But we're barely into triple digits here and if we individually want to see anything awesome we're gonna have to stick around for a few degrees of magnitude longer. That immortality thing or whatever. Why haven't we done that again? Read More >>

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What Would We Do If Aliens Just Showed Up Tomorrow?

It seems unlikely—impossible, even—that aliens would just happen to make contact today. Or tomorrow. Or the day after. But what if they did? How do you even deal with something like that?
Vsauce digs into the details of our global plan, or more accurately the total lack thereof, to scoop out the sparse details and make a few conjectures. It might seem like a sort of ridiculous question to ask, but someone should be thinking about it, right? Read More >>

What Would Be Different About a Baby Born in Space?

Astronauts are usually pretty busy while they're off planet so there hasn't been a lot of time to, um, look into this stuff, but it's unclear whether humans can procreate in weightless conditions. Apparently, you can't just march into space like you own it and do whatever you want. Read More >>

Science Explains Why We Kiss

The scientific effect of kissing has been revealed to burn 2-3 calories per minute and reduce bad cholesterol and stress. But it's not like we knew that when we first swapped saliva! What we did know was that to feed babies more than just breast milk, mothers had to chew up the food to process it for their wee ones. Mouthfeeding. Watch the entire video to explore every nook about kissing. [Vsauce] Read More >>

How Tall Can a Human Get?

Humans come in all shapes and sizes, but when it comes to height there seems to be an unofficial limit on how tall someone can be. On average, the tallest of humans measure in at around seven-feet six-inches, with a few Guinness-worthy cases breaking the eight foot barrier. But why is that? Read More >>

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How Many Strips of Sellotape Do You Need To Lift a Car?

So you've got yourself a car that needs lifting, and have secured an industrial crane for the job, but did you also remember to get a giant harness for the lift? Probably not. Don't worry, though, as long as you can scrounge a few rolls of sellotape, you're good to go. Read More >>

Is the Vacuum of Space Strong Enough to Suck Up the Earth's Oceans?

When you think of the vast emptiness of space, one of the first things to come to mind is probably violent decompression. But is the vacuum of space powerful enough that it could suck out an entire ocean through some sort of gigantic space straw? Read More >>

What If The Sun Just Totally Disappeared?

This is actually a pretty great thought experiment. At first it might seem kind of pointless to talk about what would happen if the sun vanished, but it doesn't actually result in the immediate destruction of everything. Which is weird. Vsauce walks through a pretty nuanced description of how earth's natural systems would slowly fail, but over weeks and even years, not seconds. The cold would get us in the end, but extremophiles that live in deep sea volcanoes and thermal vents could survive for billions of years. If you're not heliocentric and human-centric things don't look so bleak. [Vsauce] Read More >>

Why Do Humans Play Games?

Every time the football World Cup rolls around (as well as any number of other times), those of us who aren't into football ask ourselves this question: we do people care about sports at all? Vsauce has taken the question a bit further, and dug into why we—as a species—play games at all. Nerds, we've got more in common with those jocks than we might have thought. [Vsauce] Read More >>

How Much Would Wikipedia Weigh?

The geniuses behind Vsauce scientifically answered a few questions, as only they can, about whether it makes sense to eat yourself if you're ever suffering from starvation, how does hair know when to stop growing, what eye floaters are, how much would Wikipedia weigh and more. Read More >>

Is It Possible to Defend Comic Sans?

It's nearly impossible to use Comic Sans on the internet and not get tarred and feathered. It's an internet sin of the highest level. A crime against human decency and people's eyeballs. A parody of a joke of a fool. Universally hated. So... is it possible to defend the font? Is Comic Sans wrongfully reviled? Maybe! Read More >>

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How Many Pictures Have Ever Been Taken?

We've been taking pictures for almost 200 years now, and we sure aren't slowing down. But how many pictures have we taken all together, since photography existed? Well the short answer is around 3.5 trillion, but there's a lot more nuance than just a flat number. Vsauce looked into the matter in more detail, and some of the facts might surprise you. How many of the pictures are actually good? That's anyone's guess. [YouTube] Read More >>


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