RIM Coughs to Crazy Anti-Apple "Wake Up!" Prank

RIM’s obviously getting pretty desperate for attention; it’s 'fessed up to masterminding that bizzare anti-Apple “Wake up!” stunt confirming the rumours we heard about yesterday. Apparently its all part of a viral marketing campaign to try and put BlackBerry OS 10 on the map. Read More >>

Bizarre Anti-Apple "Wake Up!" Stunt Was RIM's Idea, Not Samsung's?

That very odd "Wake up!" marketing stunt that was oh so conveniently filmed was believed to be paid for by Samsung, which is going all-out to label iPhone users as sheep in the run up to its big Galaxy S III announcement. However, the Apple user wake up call may have been RIM's idea of a joke instead. Read More >>

Samsung Marketing Terrorists Urge Apple Fans to "Wake Up"

Samsung's "Next Galaxy" PR storm is already in full flight, with the Australian wing of the tech giant now staging this bizarre protest outside a branch of the Apple Store in Sydney. Read More >>


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