Earthquakes Join in With Kicking the UK While it's Down

It's all gone biblical down in the south west, with the epic flooding now joined by a new form of catastrophe -- the earthquake. Residents in as far afield places as Ilfracombe and Swansea experienced a 4.1 magnitude quake yesterday, as God callously moved another chess piece on his board of doom. Read More >>

Welsh Assembly Boost as Raspberry Pi is now "Made in Britain" Thanks to Sony

The British maker of the staggeringly popular Raspberry Pi mini-computer has finally found a way to get the hardware assembled in the UK, with future batches of the machine being built in Wales rather than outsourced to China. Read More >>

Wales to Join the 21st Century With Massive £425m Internet Pipe Fattening Scheme

People of Wales! Your time has come. BT has emerged as the very unsurprising victor in the not-really-a-battle to wire up Wales to the proper internet of the future, with some £425m set to be pumped into bringing Wales into the superfast fibre revolution. Read More >>

Man Banned Swearing In Wales, But He Can F and Blind All He Likes In England

In another example of our incredibly bizarre and screwed-up legal system, a foul-mouthed blaggard from Wales has been banned from swearing in said country. Absurdly though, his "crasbo" only extends to the borders of Wales -- pop over to England and he can swear all he likes. Read More >>

Origins of Stonehenge's Stones Found, and Holy Crap Did They Travel Far

Remember that time you carried that box home and it was like sooo heavy? Yeah, shut up. The quarry where some of Stonehenge's original rocks came from has been discovered, and the people of 5,000 years ago dragged them 160 miles. Read More >>

Toy Cat Freed From Recycled Clothes Bank After Being Mistaken For Real Live Pregnant Cat

In an epic tale of a Welsh community coming together, a toy cat was cut free from a clothes recycling bank after passers-by thought they heard a local pregnant cat meowing from within. It wasn't a simple job either, the bank had to be shipped 20 miles to a specialist engineering yard with heavy duty steel cutting equipment -- not even the Firemen could get it out. Read More >>

Man Builds Man-Sized Hobbit House for £3,000

Simon Dale was fed up. He'd had enough of what he calls "mass produced box design" homes so he did something about it — he moved his family to the Welsh countryside and hand-built a "Hobbit house" even Peter Jackson would envy. Read More >>

What Sounds the Most Welsh? .wales or .cymru?

There's a bit of tension among Welsh internet activists, with some petitioning for a Welsh .cymru top-level domain, while others prefer the safer option of using .wales so it doesn't confuse outsiders quite so much. Read More >>


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