150 Years Ago, People Watched Competitive Walking Instead of Football

If it was 1874, instead of hitting your local football ground, you'd be grabbing a few friends and heading to a competitive walking match. Yes, walking was an American national pastime, according to author Matthew Algeo: "Watching people walk was America's favourite spectator sport." Read More >>

Five Ideas to Make Roads Safer for Cars and Pedestrians

"Vision Zero," New York Mayor Bill de Blasio's plan to eliminate traffic deaths in the city, is audacious but not unprecedented. Like almost all good social policies, the Swedes did it first and everyone could learn a thing or two from them. Read More >>

Research Suggests Texting While Walking is a Recipe for Disaster

So it's pretty well ingrained into the social consciousness that texting or phoning while driving is dangerous, if not patently illegal. Furthering that, a study published from the University of Queensland has investigated what risks there are associated with the thoroughly modern practice of texting on a mobile device while walking and what dangers it may pose to the text-walker and the other pedestrians around them. Read More >>

Can Radar and RFID Stop Drivers From Killing Cyclists?

Last month, London reached a grim milestone: Six cyclists were killed within 14 days, sparking a massive "die-in" protest. London isn't alone; 176 cyclists or pedestrians were killed in NYC last year. The rapidly rising death toll is spurring a race to build a technology to warn drivers before they hit someone on foot or bike. Read More >>

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Watch These Crazy Animations of How Three Cities Commute

New York City mostly rides transit, Los Angeles loves its cars, and San Francisco has a dedicated population of bike commuters. UC Berkeley planning Ph.D. student Fletcher Foti recently built a brilliant data visualisation that brings these facts to life by animating commuting patterns for the Bay Area, L.A., and NYC. Read More >>

Cheap, DIY Ice Chains for Your Boots Will Save Your Arse With Traction

The Met Office is predicting zero-degree temperatures for the rest of the week for most of Blighty, which means ice on the roads and pavements. There's nothing quite like busting your arse on the ice when you're just trying to get to work. Boot chains can help keep you keep upright, but there's no need to shell out for a pair when you can just whip up your own for a lot less. Read More >>

Earn Smug London Eco Points by Walking Somewhere for Once

New mobile app re:route is doing its bit for the capital's health, issuing reward points to those who bravely walk and cycle about the place instead of using cars or public transport. Read More >>

Why Walking Is the Best Exercise

Scientists have known for a while that merely walking more can massively decrease the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes, but they haven't really known why. But now, by forcing healthy people to act like slobs, they're starting to reveal why walking is the best thing you can do for your body. Read More >>

Singing Humanoid Robot Learns to Walk

Humanoid robots can be just a little bit creepy, what with their serene expressions and awkward jerky motions. We've seen the HRP-4C get down and boogie, but now it's learnt to walk like a human... with a sore arse. [YouTube via Plastic Pals via TechCrunch] Read More >>


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