Samsung Wallet is Apple's Passbook, on Android

Samsung has just announced its new Wallet mobile payment app at the Mobile World Congress and... and it looks a hell of a lot like Apple's Passbook. Read More >>

Help Site Confirmed Physical Google Wallet Card

After last week's leaked news about Google launching its own physical credit card to sit alongside Wallet, a new help site seems to have confirmed the search giant's intentions. Read More >>

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Want Apple's Passbook on Your Android? Grab PassWallet While You Can

Love it or loathe it, now that Apple's launched a non-NFC-packing digital wallet for the iPhone, companies everywhere will jump to support it. Thankfully, if you're an Android user, you too can get in on the screen-based ticketing fun with a cheeky little app called PassWallet. Read More >>

Rumour: New iPhone Prototypes Have NFC

Recently Apple announced Passbook, a new mobile wallet that will debut in iOS. Its existence prompted speculation that future iPhones will include NFC — and now 9to5mac is reporting that new iPhone prototypes feature the technology. Read More >>

Google Wallet Has Been Hacked Again, Now Without Root

That's twice. In two days. Yesterday, security firm Zvelo discovered a potential exploit against rooted phones. Today, tech blog TheSmartphoneChamp discovered how to accomplish the same feat on non-rooted phones. This is not good news for the supposed pre-Olympics rollout. Read More >>

Google Wallet's PIN System Has Been Cracked But Don't Panic Just Yet

The security PIN system that Google Wallet users have to enter to verify transactions has been compromised. Thankfully, the chances of your wallet being used against you is relatively low — assuming you haven't rooted your phone, that is. Read More >>


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