19 Adorable Animals Using Technology Adorably

Some say that pets start to take after their owners, but to what extent? Will Socks start bogarting the remote? Are you going to have to pry the iPad out of Buster's paws? Actually, uhm, yeah; looks that way. It also looks adorable. Read More >>

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Double-Amputee Solider Skydives with His War Dog

I was ready to face the possibility that the war dog well ran dry — no further awesomeness of fur and daring could be extracted. I was wrong. This prosthetic-legged warrior jumped out of a plane, war dog in tow. Read More >>

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Adopted War Dogs Are the Cutest War Dogs

You thought the war dog craze of '11 was over, didn't you? Surprise! KitUp's got a nice little look at soldiers in Afghanistan, and the strategic strays they befriend. This video contains both puppies and a SAW machine gun. Read More >>


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