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This Girl's Eaten Her Weight In Plastic

By Sam Gibbs on at

Do you love to eat plastic? Of course you don’t, because you’re a sane food-eating person. You might chew on the odd pen or straw here and there, but that’s about it, right? Kailyn on the other hand -- not so much. She’s addicted to eating plastic.

When Anti-Theft Concept Devices Were More Brutal

By Michael Hession on at

In the digital age, anti-theft devices usually consist of some sort of location-based tracking service. The technology featured in this video brings us back to a simpler time, when thieves were stopped in the most physical way. Not only will this briefcase brutally crush the perp's fingers, but anyone within a 3m radius should watch out.

A Real-Life Robotic Avatar Turns You Into a Machine

By Sam Gibbs on at

Avatar has taken one giant leap towards becoming real thanks to some Japanese robotics boffins. Their new Telesar V gives wearers of a head-mounted display, some vest-mounted sensors and a special pair of gloves the ability to not only control a robot, but see, hear and feel what it does too.