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Every Single James Bond Film at Once

By Sam Biddle on at

The only thing better than watching an attractive actor have lots of attractive sex, shoot evil Soviets, and spew corny one-liners, is to watch it happen twenty two times simultaneously. Behold: all of James Bond, funneled straight to your brain.

Watch This Life-Sized Tank Get Built Out of Egg Cartons

By Jon Partridge on at

Building a tank out of egg cartons isn't the most conventional way to support Britain's soldiers. But sculptor Stuart Murdoch went against conventions to make his own, pretty awesome, life-sized replica of the British Army's tank: the FV4034 Challenger 2. A lot of work went into this "egg"-cellent piece of carton engineering, which took over 500 hours and 5,000 egg cartons -- as shown in the time-lapsed video.

This Girl's Eaten Her Weight In Plastic

By Sam Gibbs on at

Do you love to eat plastic? Of course you don’t, because you’re a sane food-eating person. You might chew on the odd pen or straw here and there, but that’s about it, right? Kailyn on the other hand -- not so much. She’s addicted to eating plastic.

When Anti-Theft Concept Devices Were More Brutal

By Michael Hession on at

In the digital age, anti-theft devices usually consist of some sort of location-based tracking service. The technology featured in this video brings us back to a simpler time, when thieves were stopped in the most physical way. Not only will this briefcase brutally crush the perp's fingers, but anyone within a 3m radius should watch out.