Pebble Steel Brings Some Sophisticated Style to the Smartwatch Scene

There's only really one smartwatch worth its salt (bow your heads in shame Sony and Samsung) and that's the Pebble. If its Fisher Price toy-like looks have put you off in the past, Pebble has heard your cries and gone back to the drawing board. It's just revealed the super-sleek Pebble Steel, a refined, fashion-conscious revision of its original smartwatch design. Read More >>

Google "Gem" Smartwatch Project May Arrive This Month

Google may be set to thrust its wrist into the smartwatch fray, with a possible announcement of a Google or Nexus branded wearable device coming as soon as this month. Read More >>

Would You Wear a Watch That Knows When You Will Die?

"Time, the one thing money can't buy". If you ever use that old adage and a cynic replies that a chunk of cash can buy you a nice new Rolex, point them in the direction of the Tikker. Perhaps the most morbid Kickstarter of all time, it's a wristwatch that is claimed to be able to accurately predict the time of your death, down to the second. Read More >>

What I Really Want From a Smartwatch

The arrival of Samsung’s long-heralded Galaxy Gear has cinched it – for better or worse, smartwatches are now a thing. There’s just one problem – no one’s really worked out what the hell a smartwatch actually is yet. Read More >>

Report: Microsoft Working on Translucent, Aluminium Smartwatch

An iWatch may still be a distant dream, but at least Microsoft fans have a glimmer of hope. According to "sources familiar with Micosoft's Surface plans," a translucent, aluminium smart watch could soon be hugging wrists everywhere. Read More >>

FT: Apple Hiring Blitz Suggests the iWatch Is a Way Off

A few months ago, a rash of headlines suggested you'd be wearing an iWatch on your wrist by the end of the year. They were almost certainly wrong — and now a Financial Times report suggests we could be in for an even longer wait. Read More >>

WSJ: Microsoft Is Designing a Touch-Enabled Watch

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Microsoft is working with suppliers to develop a new touch-enabled watch device, which sees it jumping on the same rumored bandwagon as Apple and Samsung. Read More >>

Why You'll End Up Wearing a Smart Watch

'People don't wear watches anymore. You'll look ridiculous. Why wouldn't you just use your smartphone instead'? These are just some of the negative sentiments skeptics are spewing about smart watches, which are still very much in their nascent stage. Guess what? They're wrong. Read More >>

Report: Google Is Making a Smart Watch Too

The Financial Times is reporting that Google is making its own version of a smart watch. What's interesting is that it's not Google's experimental arm 'X Labs' developing the watch, but rather Google's Android unit. According to the FT, this smart watch would be completely different from Samsung's smart watch (which is also reportedly in development). Google's version of the smart watch is rumoured to be an extension of Android onto the wrist. Read More >>

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Here's a Drone Flying Between Two Tesla Coils

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you sent a metal-cage-enclosed quadrotor soaring between two Tesla coils? Of course you have. And here lies your answer, in all its highly dangerous, lightning-spewing, nightmare-inducing glory. Read More >>

Apple Patents Bendy, Self-Powering, Bracelet Sci-Fi Smart Watch

If we saw this piece of futurist fantasy on Kickstarter we'd laugh at the absurdity of its claims, but this isn't the dream of a random madman. It's Apple's latest patent, which describes a twisty, bendy smart watch that connects to a larger device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Read More >>

Pebble Watch App Lets it Read all Notifications... From a Jailbroken iPhone

The interesting little Pebble smartwatch has been turbocharged by a clever coder, who's developed a way of giving it full access to all iPhone notifications. But you need a "jailbroken" Apple phone to fully exploit its power. Read More >>

Tokyoflash's Latest Has Us Caught in a Web of Time

Have you grown tired of keeping a steadfast hold on time? Does your mind cloud with the mundane prospect of glancing at your wrist watch and immediately knowing how late you are? Tokyoflash has been working hard to alleviate your boredom, and with its latest watch design, you’ll never be quite sure what the time really is. Problem solved, right? Read More >>

I Can Understand Why This Watch Would Get You Arrested

If you've travelled on a plane any time in, say, the last 10 years, you will have noticed that airport security's a totally chilled-out breeze. Oh wait, no, that's not right, they're a bunch of paranoid jumped-up security freaks. Which would maybe explain why wearing something that looks more Genuine Al-Qaeda than Rolex would land you in some fairly hot water. Read More >>

20 Per Cent Off a Takeaway Is Your Friday Night Special Deal of the Day

It’s almost the weekend, and almost time for us all to stop thinking about our hateful jobs, detestable bosses and that potentially-worrying medical problem that we really ought to get looked at. Read More >>

Nobody Needs a Watch Any Fancier Than a Casio Digital

A lot of people obsess about fancy watches that are waterproof to 300 metres, have chronograph dials, or come with diamond-encrusted faces. But I've got news for you: nobody ever made a watch any better than the humble digital Casio. Read More >>


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