The Cool Promise of Machines That Run on Body Heat

The human body at rest radiates 100 watts of heat—heat that does nothing other than make crowded rooms stuffy. But body heat can be converted to electricity, and new technology is always improving the process. With the rise of wearables, the body heat-powered device becomes an ever more tantalising promise. Read More >>

You Don't Need to Know Maths to Read This Mathematician's Watch

Even if the mention of trigonometry, calculus, or algebra gets your heart racing and your palms sweating, you still might appreciate this watch that demonstrates the first proposition in book one of Euclid's Elements. Because even if you don't know what that means, you can still look like you do, while still easily telling the time. Read More >>

A Cheap, Colourful Solar-Powered Watch That Requires No Maintenance

Q&Q (a company founded almost 40 years ago as part of Citizen) has finally made its once Japan-only SolarSmile watches available internationally. So for just $40 (£24.04)—with free shipping—you can get a simple timepiece that never needs winding, charging, or a new battery. Read More >>

TomTom Squeezes a Heart Rate Monitor Into its GPS Watches

When we reviewed the TomTom Runner GPS watch last year, we pointed out that if you wanted to monitor your heart rate, you'd need to buy an extra accessory. But for athletes looking to seriously train their bodies, metrics on how fast or far they ran, swam, or biked isn't enough. So TomTom has updated the Runner GPS with a new Cardio version that now includes an integrated heart-rate monitor. Read More >>

Victorinox Tested This Durable Watch by Driving a 64-Tonne Tank Over It

For years now, if you wanted a watch that could survive almost anything short of a nuclear war, Casio's G-Shock line was your go-to timepiece. But Victorinox, maker of the venerable Swiss Army Knife, wants a slice of that market. So it's just unveiled its Inox line of 'Tonka-tough' watches that can seemingly survive any hardship. Read More >>

A Rugged Touchscreen Watch That Looks to the Sun for Charging

Long before Samsung's Galaxy Gear entered the picture with its colourful LCD display, Tissot introduced a touchscreen watch to help alleviate button clutter. It was far from what we would now consider 'smart', but it made accessing the T-Touch's various functions a lot easier. While the latest version still doesn't connect to your smartphone, it's now able to soak up the sun for near-infinite battery life. Read More >>

How Much Longer do I Have to Wait for a Wonderful Self-Winding Swatch?

It has been nearly a year since Swatch announced it's innovative Sistem51 watch. It's a self-winding timepiece that has only has 51 parts. Forget smartwatches, get this simple dumbness on my wrist right now. Read More >>

This Watch's Spinning Spectacle is More Distracting Than a Smartphone

There's not a lot of details to go on just yet, but given its name the Astronomia Tourbillon appears to represent a small subset of of the celestial objects in our solar system, including the Earth and presumably its moon represented as a large crystal. The watch's engineering seems to focus more on the spectacle than its functionality, but the rotating clock face that always keeps its hands properly oriented is a wonderful trick. Read More >>

A Touchscreen 'Smart'watch That Doesn't Need a Phone

In a time when every company seems to be announcing a smartwatch, Phosphor has taken a slightly different approach with its Touch Time. It runs a small suite of apps, accessible on the watch's monochrome touchscreen LCD display, but what it comes with is all it will ever have. There's no wireless connectivity to a smartphone, no USB port for firmware updates, and no way to upgrade it whatsoever. Read More >>

The Tiny Figure on This Watch Gets Tired When it Needs Winding

When you're wearing an old-school watch that requires winding every few days, the last thing you want is to look down to discover it stopped ticking hours ago. That's why mechanical watches usually include a power reserve indicator, but none are as unique as the tiny creature on MB&F's new Legacy Machine N°1 Xia Hang. Read More >>

Garmin Forerunner 220 Review: a Solid Running-Watch With a Pretty Face

Garmin has been at this running-watch thing for a while. Most recently, the Forerunner 10 was the company's best attempt at a simple, easy-to-read watch, but, for all that, it still wasn't as simple to use as it ought to have been. Enter the Forerunner 220. It's the 10's younger, smarter, better-looking, more sophisticated brother, and it's well worth some wrist space. Read More >>

This Tiny Classic Arcade as as Smart a Watch as You Need

You might think you need a watch that can check email, control your music, and even stay on top of Twitter updates, but you've been misled. ThinkGeek's new Classic Arcade Wristwatch is all you really need strapped to your wrist, especially if you're old enough to remember a time when beating a video game required a pocket full of coins. Read More >>

A Space-Inspired Watch That's Strengthened by a Sapphire Dome

As a follow-up to its original Astron watch that used a low-power GPS chip to automatically set the time based on wherever in the world it was, Seiko's new Stratosphere version features mostly aesthetic upgrades. But that doesn't mean anyone with the original model won't want to upgrade. Read More >>

The Clasp on This Colourful Watch is Built Right into the Face

With its new Sond line of watches, Void has come up with a clever alternative to traditional watch straps. By integrating the locking mechanism into the watch's body, a single nylon band is all that's needed for this simple, effective design. Read More >>

A Watch That Puts an Entire Planetarium on Your Wrist

If you're planning on sticking around for longer—a lot longer—than a standard human lifespan, you'll need a watch that keeps time on the galactic level. Van Cleef & Arpels' new Complication Poétique Midnight Planétarium will certainly fit the bill. Instead of hands denoting the hours and minutes, it incorporates six of our solar system's planets rotating a tiny version of the sun in real time. Read More >>

Do Kids Really Need a Smartwatch?

At the London Toy Fair 2014, VTech has decided that the recent trend in wearable electronics should apply to kids too. So the company's new Kidizoom Smartwatch straps a 1.4-inch colour touchscreen display, 0.3-megapixel camera, and various games, apps, and clock faces to your kids' wrist for £39.99. Read More >>


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