Latest Update Brings KitKat to Google Glass

It's been a while since we last heard of a software update for Glass and now I guess we know why. The team over at Mountain View has been busy updating the face-computer to run on the latest version of Android (4.4.2 a.k.a. KitKat). Read More >>

The Cool Promise of Machines That Run on Body Heat

The human body at rest radiates 100 watts of heat—heat that does nothing other than make crowded rooms stuffy. But body heat can be converted to electricity, and new technology is always improving the process. With the rise of wearables, the body heat-powered device becomes an ever more tantalising promise. Read More >>

Samsung Gear Fit Teardown: A Tiny Little Marvel

Whatever you can say about the Gear Fit, or wearables in general, it's an attractive little piece of hardware. As this teardown from iFixit shows, that beauty's not just skin deep. Read More >>

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Could Google Glass Really Help People with Parkinson's?

While the world has been squabbling about Glassholes, doctors have quietly been testing the potential of Google Glass in medicine. Features that may seem silly to use in a cafe or on the subway have real advantages in the doctor's office. Hand-free control? Remote diagnosis? On-demand medical records? Check check check. Now researchers are testing how Glass could benefit patients with Parkinson's. Read More >>

You Don't Need to Know Maths to Read This Mathematician's Watch

Even if the mention of trigonometry, calculus, or algebra gets your heart racing and your palms sweating, you still might appreciate this watch that demonstrates the first proposition in book one of Euclid's Elements. Because even if you don't know what that means, you can still look like you do, while still easily telling the time. Read More >>

TomTom Squeezes a Heart Rate Monitor Into its GPS Watches

When we reviewed the TomTom Runner GPS watch last year, we pointed out that if you wanted to monitor your heart rate, you'd need to buy an extra accessory. But for athletes looking to seriously train their bodies, metrics on how fast or far they ran, swam, or biked isn't enough. So TomTom has updated the Runner GPS with a new Cardio version that now includes an integrated heart-rate monitor. Read More >>

Victorinox Tested This Durable Watch by Driving a 64-Tonne Tank Over It

For years now, if you wanted a watch that could survive almost anything short of a nuclear war, Casio's G-Shock line was your go-to timepiece. But Victorinox, maker of the venerable Swiss Army Knife, wants a slice of that market. So it's just unveiled its Inox line of 'Tonka-tough' watches that can seemingly survive any hardship. Read More >>

This Watch's Spinning Spectacle is More Distracting Than a Smartphone

There's not a lot of details to go on just yet, but given its name the Astronomia Tourbillon appears to represent a small subset of of the celestial objects in our solar system, including the Earth and presumably its moon represented as a large crystal. The watch's engineering seems to focus more on the spectacle than its functionality, but the rotating clock face that always keeps its hands properly oriented is a wonderful trick. Read More >>

A Touchscreen 'Smart'watch That Doesn't Need a Phone

In a time when every company seems to be announcing a smartwatch, Phosphor has taken a slightly different approach with its Touch Time. It runs a small suite of apps, accessible on the watch's monochrome touchscreen LCD display, but what it comes with is all it will ever have. There's no wireless connectivity to a smartphone, no USB port for firmware updates, and no way to upgrade it whatsoever. Read More >>

LG's G Watch Will be One of the First Android-Wear Powered Smartwatches

It appears to be a banner day for smartwatch news. Engadget is reporting that LG is also cooking up a smartwatch of its own. It's coming out next quarter and will run on Google's just-announced wearables OS, called Android Wear. Read More >>

Google's Wearables SDK Wants to Make Attached Tech More Useful

Google wants to make it easier for the tech companies of the world to build their various wearable technologies, with a custom SDK for Android-compatible wearable devices set to launch within the next couple of weeks. Read More >>

The Tiny Figure on This Watch Gets Tired When it Needs Winding

When you're wearing an old-school watch that requires winding every few days, the last thing you want is to look down to discover it stopped ticking hours ago. That's why mechanical watches usually include a power reserve indicator, but none are as unique as the tiny creature on MB&F's new Legacy Machine N°1 Xia Hang. Read More >>

Samsung's S Circle is a Rumoured Low-Power Fitness Band

Samsung could well have another form of sporty wearable to casually frisbee into the mix, with online sources uncovering a thing called the Samsung S Circle -- a supposed Bluetooth LE activity tracker for keeping tabs on how many times you've walked to the toilet in any given period. Read More >>

Samsung Patents AR Finger Keyboard for "Gear Glass" Wearable Tech

A patent for a complex augmented reality input system has been filed by Samsung, one that would replace the Google Glass style of vocal input with a text entry system activated by staring at your hands and wiggling your fingers about. Read More >>

Motorola Smartwatch Coming This Year, and it Won't be Ugly Like the Rest

Motorola's come out with a rather ballsy claim about its future smartwatch, claiming the current examples of the format are "extremely ugly" and that it's working on building one that's more of of a "style item" than the clunkers built by Samsung, Sony and the rest. Read More >>

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At Least BlackBerry Has Enough Sense Not to be Looking at Wearable Tech

There's one hardware company out there that's not thinking about cobbling together a crappy smartwatch -- BlackBerry. Current CEO John Chen issued a pretty firm "no" when asked of any movement in the wearables market, saying there are currently no plans to created any sort of black leather BB business watch. [Engadget] Read More >>

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