Your Webcam Feed in ASCII is the Greatest Thing You'll See Today

Say goodbye to the rest of your day. Because after playing with this web app that turns your webcam feed into a real-time stream of ASCII art, you're not going to want to do anything else ever again. Read More >>

Google's Chrome Apps Have Finally Escaped Their Browser Prison

Up until now, Chrome's Web Apps have been trapped in your browser, living with the rest of your internet like glorified tabs. Well, Google's putting an end to that today. A new breed of Chrome Apps is here, and they live on your desktop. Read More >>

Collusion for Chrome Reveals Who's Spying on Your Surfing

The concept of privacy on the Internet is naive at best. Fact is everybody tracks what you do online. Collusion for Chrome, however will show you exactly where your information goes when you're served a cookie. Read More >>


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