Even "Casual" Marijuana Use Can Knacker Bits of Your Brain

The latest bit of research into smoking things bought off men in car parks and betting shops is in, with medics suggesting that even a once or twice a week dope habit can cause "abnormalities" in memory abilities. Read More >>

Scratch 'n Sniff Drug Cards: The Perfect Present For the Oblivious Parent in Your Life

Crimestoppers, the 'innovative startup' known for 'disrupting the industry' through its extensive use of crowdsourcing, is at it again. Rather than showing slightly grainy stop-motion TV footage of some mugger, though, they're handing out scratch cards to educate the population to what weed smells like. Read More >>

Uruguay Selling Legal Marijuana for $1 a Pop

Live in Uruguay? Often get a hankering for some 'green tea'? Then good news! Not only is the country's president creating a legal industry for the sale and distribution of marijuana, he's doing so at bargain-basement prices -- $1 per gram. Read More >>

Cannabis Scratch-and-Sniff Is the New Craze From Crimestoppers

Don't know what a bit of weed smells like? Crimestoppers has got you covered with its brand new scratch-and-sniff cards. Because everyone needs know what cannabis smells like, right? Read More >>

Mexicali Police Deflate Smugglers' Compressed-Air "Marijuana Cannon"

Border fences are really tall so it's not like you can just throw your packages of marijuana over them. No, you'd need something like a weed-apult or, better yet, a weed cannon to heave them over the wall. Read More >>

Watch People Get High and Then Fail a Driving Test

Drinking and driving is the worst. Texting and driving is pretty bad too. So what about getting high and driving? Apparently not that bad! Unless you're freaking stoned as hell. Then you'll fail so hard and maybe even lose a nose. Read More >>

Your Right to Light Up Is Safe: Amsterdam Reverses Anti-Tourist Cannabis Policy

Remember those rumours that Amsterdam was going to stop selling cannabis to tourists from the New Year? Well, today the Mayor of Amsterdam has scrapped those plans so that 1.5 million weed-loving tourists can continue to spark up in their cafes. Read More >>

What Your Brain Looks Like When You Smoke Marijuana

ASAP Science does their thing again, this time explaining what happens to your brain when you smoke weed (or pot or marijuana or whatever the hell you call it). The nut of it: when you're high, whatever you think about when you're on marijuana starts to feel like the most important thought you ever had in your life. Read More >>

Heavy Dope Use as a Teen Permanently Lowers Your Adult IQ

A long-running investigation into cannabis use has found a strong link between hammering it as a teenager and growing up stupid, with the IQs of more keen users dropping as a result of years of early use. Read More >>

Chemists Outrun Laws in War on Synthetic Drugs

The war on drugs has a new front, and so far it appears to be a losing one. Read More >>

Killjoy Scientists Have Bred the Fun Out of Medical Marijuana

Weed is a double-edged sword. On one hand, its cannabidiol (CBD) compounds ease the symptoms of many diseases. On the other, its tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compounds produces feelings of euphoria and calm. Luckily, the Tikkun Olam company has figured out how to strip those nasty THC side effects while retaining the CBD's healing properties. Um, thanks? Read More >>

Home Economics: Now With Added Weed

The wonders of school days never cease to amaze me. Apparently a load of 14-year-olds had to be taken to hospital, after one bright spark thought it'd be a good idea to shove a load of weed into his brownie mix while in a cookery lesson. Read More >>

Why Weed Makes You...You...Huh?

Scientists have long suspected that THC somehow affects the hippocampus region of the brain, the bit responsible for controlling short-term memory, but have never been able to prove it. Turns out that's because they were looking at the wrong grey matter entirely. Read More >>

Is Digital Money the New Way to Buy Drugs?

I'm not gonna name names, but someone just mentioned paying for weed with a Square account. It'd be equally easy to use Paypal, Venmo, Bitcoin (RIP) or any of the myriad mobile payment systems that allow you to send money from your phone. Read More >>

Grow Your Own Weed, But Not on an iPhone (There's No App for That)

Five of the 20 best-selling casual game apps in Android's Marketplace involve illegal drugs. Virtual illegal drugs, of course! Guess how many are available for the iPhone? Yep, zero. Read More >>


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