Flabby Coppers are Failing Compulsory Fitness Tests

Freedom of Information requests have unearthed some poor fitness levels among certain police forces, with 363 officers across 27 UK forces failing to puff their way through their new compulsory fitness exams. Read More >>

An Unsettling Reminder to Water Your Plants

Keeping flowers or plants in your house is supposed to make things more beautiful, not chaotic. But this vase is only balanced when the flowers have water. If too much liquid evaporates, the counter-weight pulls one side of the vase down. Read More >>

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How Much Hair, Sweat, Pee and Poop Do Our Bodies Make Every Year?

Prepare to be grossed out. You know how you go to the bathroom every day, cut your nails every few weeks and cut your hair every month? Did you ever think about what all that totals up to? What about all those times you've cried or drooled or worked up a sweat? It adds up to an embarrassing amount of fluid! Read More >>

The Science of Six Packs

If you've always yearned for a washboard stomach, and you can do a thousand crunches but you still aren't seeing results, you're not alone. But never fear! Everyone has a six pack under there (somewhere), you've just got to know what to do to get it out in the open. Read More >>

A Samoan Airline Now Charges Passengers By Body Weight

Bad news for those carrying a few extra pounds: Samoa Air has become the world's first airline to introduce a pricing policy which charges passengers by body weight, following a Norwegian professor's shock assertions on the subject last week. Time to diet? Read More >>

Being Obese Is Better Than Being Underweight

Modern society is obsessed with weight: everyone longs to be skinny, and obesity is demonised. But while being overweight does carry with it health risks, a new study suggests that being underweight is far more dangerous than being obese. Read More >>

The World's Official Kilogram Is Losing Weight and That Might Screw the Metric System

We've long known that there were some issues with France's 'Le Grand K', the international prototype for what a kilogram really is. Made in 1879 from platinum and iridium alloy, it is the perfect standard for what a kilogram weighs. The problem is, it's losing weight. Read More >>

Scientist Creates Pizza Healthy Enough to Eat 3 Times a Day, Every Day

Pizza is so good that most of us would be happy to eat it breakfast, lunch and dinner, if it weren't for the fact that it was more than a little unhealthy. But now a scientist has created what he claims is the first nutritionally balanced pizza—and it's OK to eat it three times a day, ever day. Read More >>

If You're Fat, Your Friends Will Always See You That Way

For many people, a decision to lose weight isn't just made because of the obvious health advantages, but to change the way people think about them. So it's a shame that new research suggest that, in the minds of friends and family, a fat person is always fat, regardless of how much weight they lose. Read More >>

Your Alarm Clock Could Be Making You Fat

People make all kinds of excuses for being a little overweight. But a new study suggests that tensions between our biological clocks and enforced working hours could be making us all pile on the pounds. Read More >>

Chocolate Keeps You Slim?

It sounds whack, but a new scientific study suggests that people who eat chocolate regularly tend to be thinner. Sadly, that doesn't quite mean that you can run out and stuff your face full of candy all day to keep your weight down—but it does mean you probably should be eating some chocolate regularly. Read More >>

Who Wants to Eat Anything, Stay Thin, and Never Exercise?

A compound in your brain that behaves similarly to pot holds the secret to everyone's fantasy: being able to eat whatever you want and not exercise while staying healthy and not gaining weight. Read More >>

Did You Know That Earth Is Getting Lighter Every Day?

Earth is getting 50,000 tonnes lighter every year, even while 40,000 tonnes of space dust fall onto our planet's surface during the same period. So, why are we losing so much weight? You will be surprised. Read More >>

Fitbit's New WiFi Scale Looks Awesomely Familiar

Fitbit is showing off a new WiFi scale that tracks your weight and sends it to a database. Oh, hey, Withings much? Sure. But it's a concept whose time has come, and this looks like a well-done version. Read More >>

Withings' New Scale Tracks Your Fat Baby's Baby Fat

Withings new baby scale seems like a great idea for tracking babies weight. Plop the kid on the scale, and it wirelessly sends data to a Withings app, graphing it up just as prettily as your delightful little baby. Read More >>

Your Kindle Gets Heavier as You Add Ebooks to It

Mustachioed UC Berkeley computer science professor John Kubiatowicz told the NY Times that your Kindle gets heavier when you add e-books. Don't worry, though, you won't feel it with your hand, or with any scale that we've ever created. Read More >>


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