You Haven't Seen Gravity Until You've Seen it in a Weightlessness Tank

Forget IMAX 3D. If you really want to see Gravity as it was meant to be seen, then this personal screening room/bathtub/human storage pod a la The Matrix is the only way to go. Read More >>

Being In Space Is Freaking Fun

Being an astronaut is hard. Risk your life every day, work long hours, complete tasks lists with military precision, and having to poop in space. But it definitely has its perks, like the breathtaking view and throwing your fellow astronauts across a hatch. [Twitter] Read More >>

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Motorists Warned Not To Listen To the World's Most Relaxing Song

In a crushing blow to Enya, Yanni and John Tesh devotees, a Manchester group has composed what sound therapists and scientists are calling the most relaxing song ever created. Read More >>


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