A Weird Black Ring Appeared in the Sky and Then Disappeared (Updated)

This is bizarre. A 16-year-old girl saw a giant black ring in the sky above England and captured it on video. After three minutes of floating around like a cloud, the black ring disappeared completely. So far, experts have no idea what it was. Read More >>

Turn Your Mouse Into a Sci-Fi Noise Factory With This Theremin Emulator Webpage

Theremins are the eccentric production lines of weird squeeps and bloops; the de rigueur sound of kitschy black-and-white sci-fi movies and DJ rave alike. Anyone with an appreciation of music, or just noise, should, given the chance, play with one—and now you can from the comfort of your computer, thanks to Femur Design's Theremin webpage. Read More >>

Humans Create Cat Werewolves—and They're Very Cute and Very Spooky

I have to say I am not a fan of animal breeders and I don't like cats, but these spooky Lycoi cats are something else. A cat that looks like a werewolf and, according to its Tennessee-based breeders, acts like a dog. I have to admit they are quite cute in their freaky ugliness. Read More >>

Oh Good, This Smartphone Scent Emitter is Now Available Worldwide

What's this? A plug-in loudspeaker? An external flash? A retina scanner? No, it's the utterly bizarre Scentee, an aroma-generating thingamabob that gives your smartphone scent notifications. Starting today, it's available worldwide. How ever did we live without this? Yes I am of course conveniently forgetting that plug-in air fresheners exist. Read More >>

The 20 Weirdest, Coolest Liquor Bottles in the World

Generally speaking, it's what's inside a bottle that counts. It could come out of a yak udder just as long as it still tastes like a fine, single-malt Scotch. Still, there's nothing wrong with a little creative packaging. And booze bottles come in some of the most creative, decadent, and just plain bizarre designs you can imagine. Read More >>

How Most of China's Web Traffic Wound-Up at a Tiny Wyoming House

On Tuesday, many of China's 500 million internet users were mysteriously rerouted to a bunch of web addresses registered to this unassuming house in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The New York Times says a fluke in China's internet censoring system was to blame. But why, of all the places in the world, did the traffic go there? And how? Read More >>

11 of the Weirdest Sites on the Internet

The internet is a wondrous place, but for every fantastic website out there, it seems like there are two weird ones. We asked you, dear readers, what some of the strangest sites you’ve ever seen were, and here’s what you dug up, you freaks. Read More >>

What's the Single Weirdest Website You've Ever Come Across?

To try and keep this easy to read, submit your pick like this: image, linked title, description, and how you found it. The weirder the better, but weird != gross. We all know about goatse already; you can do better than that. Read More >>

The Wonderful World of Exotic McDonald's Food

The golden arches holds a special place in most Westener's hearts (or waistlines). The Big Mac, the Chicken Nuggets, the French Fries—they're all in your face delicious and define McDonald's better than Ronald ever could. But McDonald's overseas get to enjoy more than just the ordinary greatness, they have wonderful menu items like poutine and green tea McFlurrys and Spam and spaghetti too. Read More >>

Hacker Channels Men In Black; Straps Virus Information to Feral Cat's Collar

Scavenger hunt-loving hacker, Yusuke Katayama was arrested today after months on the run. Disgruntled for some reason, he sent viral death threats, and while evading Japanese police, he mentioned that information about his virus was strapped to a cat roaming Tokyo. Months later the cat was found, leading to his arrest. Read More >>

These Weird Search Queries Make Google Return Nothing but Porn

In a way, Google already is a porn machine; it is what you make of it. But it turns out that a handful of bizarre, technically impossible search queries turn the raunchiness up like 20 notches and cause the engine to return porn results almost exclusively. The searches themselves aren't dirty in the slightest, either. It's ridiculous. Read More >>

The Weirdest Google Bug: Giraffes Praise the iPad

Normally bugs just annoy you by preventing something from working, but occasionally they'll do something totally bizarre. A weird issue with Google's text-to-speech functionality tells you that giraffes are now praising the iPad. Literally. Read More >>

Finally, a Showerhead That Looks Like an Old-Timey Phone

If you randomly asked people what their morning shower is missing most, there's a good chance they'll probably lament the fact that their showerheads don't look like retro phone handsets. A complaint that's now rendered moot thanks to this novelty showerhead. Read More >>

Guy In A Cow Suit Shoplifts 120 Litres Of Milk From A Supermarket

This has to be one of the weirdest shoplifting cases ever. Read More >>

Would You Use These Pointed Puppets to Spear Your Snacks?

A company by the name of Fred and Friends has come out with possibly the most pointless product of our time. Food Fingers—the "FingerPickin Cocktail Picks"—are multicoloured plastic caps the fit over your finger and end in a tiny three-pronged food spear. The seem almost like a good idea, for party platters and such, until you realise you'll still be eating with your slobbery hands, only they'll be hands covered in slobbery rainbow plastic. [CoolShitYouCanBuy via Book of Joe] Read More >>


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